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The Tabletop Fix is a newsblog about wargames and miniatures. Unofficial - Independent - Non-Commercial.

Outside the Box 07-11-11

  Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, this time I can reject any responsibility for the delay 🙂 It took me 3 days to cross the Pacific by plane, which is never a good thing… Anyway, I’m back with an astonishing array of news from Warlord Games, Infinity, Spartan Games, Kromlech, Wyrd Miniatures, Maelstrom Games, Lead Adventure […]

Outside the Box 06-27-11

  Hello from New Hampshire today, I finally got soem time to get you up to date. I have news from Mantic Games, Kromlech, Warlord Games, Pulp City, Taban Miniatures and Spartan Games for you! And an interesting announcement from Raging Heroes! Warlord Games As usual, heaps of new stuff from these guys: Two new […]

Outside the Box 06-21-11

  Hello everybody, it’s me again, and it’s time for the weekly news. This time with Mantic Games, Scibor Miniatures, Warlord Games, Highlander Studio, Secret Weapon Miniatures and Spartan Games. And finally, some news from Dreamforge Games. Warlord Games Every week I am amazed by the amount of high quality miniatures these guys are relesing! […]

Outside the Box 06-13-11

  Hello everybody, just a short one to catch up with the recent news. This time with Mantic Games, Infinity, Warlord Games, Wyrd Miniatures and Soda Pop Miniatures. And finally an unexpected comeback. Warlord Games This week back to the usual wide array of new releases and previews. The new Imperial Romans are up for […]

Outside the Box 06-08-11

  Welcome to another issue of Outside the Box. There’s a lot going on at them moment, so be prepared for a long one. Beside the usual suspects (Warlord Games, Corvus Belli, Mantic Games, Spartan Games and Bane Legion) I have interesting news from Pk-Pro, Blight Wheel Miniatures and Four-Color Figures. Warlord Games  Suspiciously quiet over […]

Outside the Box 05-29-11

  *carefullybrushsdustoff*Oh, hello, you’re still here! Thanks for your patience :). This week I have some nice stuff from Warlord Games, Lead Adventure, Mantic Games, Taban Miniatures, Antenocitis Workshop and a very useful new release from Dragon Forge. Enjoy!Warlord Games That will take a moment, because there has been not one, but two newsletters full of awesomeness […]

Breaking News – GW Retailer Embargo

Hello, big news from the frontline! Rumors were flying around in the last days that Games Workshop will stop allowing large scale distributors in the northern hemisphere to sell in the southern hemisphere – get all the details after the jump. Most of the wargaming community was shocked by leaked changes in GW terms & […]

Outside the Box 05-17-11

  I’m not that late if you count from the last article! This week I have some nice stuff from Warlord Games, Lead Adventure, Mantic Games, MaxMini, Freebooter Miniatures and Gears and Guts. Enjoy!Warlord GamesBeside the new SS combat engineers with their Goliath demolition vehicle and Red Devil close quarter fighters, we get heaps of new and […]

Interview – Tor Gaming

Hello everyone, I did another interview, this time with Gavin from Tor Gaming. So, if you want to know more about the rising star of Relics, read on!! Me: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. Let’s start with the basics: Who are you and what do you do at Tor Gaming? Gavin: […]

Outside the Box 05-09-11

  We go full Monty this week, with news from Warlord Games, Infinity, Spartan Games, Scibor Miniatures, Mantic Games, Wyrd Miniatures, Ironwind Metals and Antenocitis Workshop! Enjoy!Warlord Games Still WWII all over the place: New Universal Carrier and the re-release of the Deuce-and-a-half truck:    Spartan Games  Yeah, massive new wave of releases for all three […]

Outside the Box 05-01-11

  Here we go again, you get double-tapped this week! I proudly present news for Warlord Games, Mantic Games, ElodiMae, Dreamforge Games, Antimatter Games, MaxMini and Red Box Games.Warlord GamesStill a lot of WWII (re-) releases, we got the italian Autoblinda Lince and the russian Komsolets armoured tractor, as well as the brand new Morris […]

Outside the Box 04-26-11

  Hello everyone, a rather short one today. But still there are some great news from Warlord Games, Secret Weapon Miniatures, Spartabn Games, Sphere Wars and Mantic Games, as well as a game involving a dog skull. Intrigued? Read on!Warlord Games This time limited to WWII, Warlord Games released two new vehicles (the Churchill Mk […]

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