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Mike Travis

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REVIEW: WHFB: Storm of Magic

Frost here with a review of the ambitious expansion Storm of Magic, which contains rules for massive monsters and magic in games of Warhammer Fantasy. What Is It?The question burning in the minds of many readers is, “Isn’t it just Fantasy Apocalypse?” In some ways, yes it is. In some very significant ways, it is […]

REVIEW: Audiobook: Ciaphas Cain: Dead in the Water

Frost here to give you the details on one of the latest audiobooks from Black Library. Written by Sandy Mitchell and performed by Toby Longworth, “Dead in the Water” plunges you into the midst of a seemingly minor conflict between the Imperium and some tribal holdouts on a reclaimed world. It is here that we […]

40K REVIEW: Citadel Finecast

I grabbed these two kits to get a good feel for working with Finecast. On Saturday, 28 May we finally got to see what Citadel Finecast is all about with our own eyes.  Here’s what I discovered. There have been a lot of mixed expectations surrounding this new material even before the official announcement: optimism, anxiety […]

Review: FoW: UH-1d “Slick”

Frost here again, this time to tell you about one of the new model kits in Battlefront’s latest foray into the Vietnam War. The UH-1D “Slick” was the primary means by which air cavalry units got into and out of battle, as well as receiving light supplies and reinforcements. Bigred handed me a kit for […]

Hobby: FoW: French: Painting French Tanks

Somua S-35 It is time, once again, to turn our attention to the paragon of military virtue known as the French Army. This time around I will discuss how I painted my FoW French vehicles, particularly the tanks, many of which had a peculiar outline of black around the different elements of their camouflage. Somua […]