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Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy, the man behind Forge the Narrative. Podcaster and Columnist at Bell of Lost Souls.

40k Editorial: Dark Eldar – AV 10 sucks

Paul Murphy 4 Minute Read October 5

Will the release of Dark Eldar change the current meta-game of 40k? I don’t think so.  I am happy that the loyal Dark Eldar players are finally getting a new codex.  With that said – it still seems like it will suffer from what the current codex has as a glaring blemish, AV 10. It […]

40k: Codex Eldar – How to win in 5th Edition

Paul Murphy 6 Minute Read September 21

TPM reporting in.  I’m not here to talk about Blood Angels this time.  I’ve been reading the new Eldar book that came out not that long ago Path of the Warrior and it has gotten me nostalgic for the glory days of the Eldar Codex. I am not necessarily talking about the un-killable 4th Edition […]

40k Tactics: The Naked Baal BBQ

Paul Murphy 4 Minute Read September 15

TPM here again.  As I often do, I’d like to take a look at something in the Blood Angel codex that may not have occurred to some.  I would like to examine the uses of The Naked Flamestorm Baal.When the rumors of the Blood Angel codex first came out there was a lot of stir […]

The Best 900 points you will ever spend – Part 2

Paul Murphy 4 Minute Read September 9

A couple of weeks ago we started to take a look at each codex and the possible super mega unstoppable units you can build.  Each codex seems to have a couple of different units that can really take advantage of the 5th edition rules.  They are fun to play and often extremely competitive if used […]

40k: Tactics – Descent of Win

Paul Murphy 3 Minute Read September 7

TPM here and wanting to talk about a concept from the Blood Angel Codex. I just got back from Dragon Con so forgive me if I come off a little disjointed. The Descent of Angels is an underestimated and powerful rule. In my opinion anything that so radically allows you to alter a fundamental game […]

40k: Interview – Top GT Tread Heads – Part 1

Paul Murphy 5 Minute Read September 1

Paul: Lets get this started. First I’d like to welcome everyone to a pretty candid discussion between what I would consider the top Imperial Guard players in the country.  Please welcome Nick Rose, Jon Wolf and Rob Baer.  My name is Paul Murphy and I’ll be attempting to conduct the interview and keep us on […]

40K: The Best 900 Points You’ll Ever Spend – Part 1

Paul Murphy 4 Minute Read August 24

Every codex seems to come out with one or two super units.  Once you add in and are hopefully able to attach an HQ choice, these units start to get up into ludicrous point range, and a few of them go plaid. So what’s the best?What ludicrous unit can add into your army list and […]

40k: Play test or DIE!

Paul Murphy 3 Minute Read August 17

Where is my boom-stick? Shop smart – shop S Mart. Our beloved hobby is getting more and more expensive. Most tournaments and even some casual gaming stores are enforcing 100% WYSISYG. This means before you go out and spend your hard earned dollars on gaming materials you should do some play testing and by some […]

40k: Return of the Land Raider

Paul Murphy 3 Minute Read August 13

I can charge out of this!! Can Land Raider Spam work for the Blood Angels? TPM wants to know.Spam of any kind can typically work. It ensures that you have the redundancy built into your list that if you lose a unit or two early in the game that your plans might not completely fall […]