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Professional Painter and Columnist at Bell of Lost Souls.

Gencon 2010: Day 1

I was lucky enough to get to attend Gencon this year, and while I managed to take dozens of pictures the incredibly slow connection here at the hotel means I’ll only be able to upload my favorites. For better or worse the limited numbers mean I’m going to be filtering what I can post based […]

Warmchine Hobby: Custom Cryx Helljacks

A couple months ago I promised I’d post an article about how I painted the Protectorate Warjacks I had converted. But attention spans wane, new Force Books come out, and allegiances shift. Before I had finished painting my custom Crusaders, I decided to switch factions and do some work on the Cryx army I’d been […]

For the Dragonfather: Lich Lord Venethrax

Lich Lord Venethrax is the sword Toruk wields against his draconic progeny. It is the warcaster’s sole responsibility to seek out the hidden lairs of these dragonspawn and utterly eradicate them. Lets take a detailed look at the newest Warcaster of the Nightmare Kingdom.He has spent most of the last few centuries in the Cryxian […]

REVIEW: Forces of Warmachine: Mercenaries

The new Mercenaries book has just hit store shelves, so here’s the low down on the latest for the sell-swords of the Iron Kingdoms.It continues the high quality we’ve come to expect from the force books with their gorgeous art and impressive miniature galleries. This one, perhaps more than the others, stands out as one […]

Blood and Coin: Mercenary Warcaster Drake McBain

The Iron Kingdom’s newest gun for hire, Drake McBain is a mercenary in the truest sense. Unlike Magnus, Ashlynn, or Shae, McBain has no agenda, and is solely concerned with expanding his coffers doing what he does best. Lets take a closer look after the jump.His spells and abilities exemplify mercenary strategy giving him many […]

HOBBY: Painting Fur & Circle Orboros Armor

This is another guest article by Austin’s very own Nick. You may remember him from the Skylight Primer Highlighting Article from a few months back, and you can look forward to seeing more of his Circle minis in the Circle of Orboros faction article coming soon. Let’s take a look at painting the newest Circle […]

Hobby: Customizing Your Warjacks. Part 1

Gentleben here, and today I want to walk you through some quick conversions I’ve done to personalize some of my new plastic Menoth warjacks.  Lets get to it!I’ve been continuing to expand my Protectorate army and with some of the tier benefits allowing for discounted heavies, I’ve really been expanding their numbers. With Crusaders costing […]

Forces of Warmachine Protectorate: Review

The holy warriors of the Protectorate have a new weapon at their disposal. The latest Forces of Warmachine book provides 144 pages of rules, fiction, art, and beautifully painted minis to instruct and inspire any who fight in Menoth’s name. This is really the book I’ve been waiting for as Protectorate was the first Warmachine […]

WARMACHINE: Thoughts on Vice Scrutator Vindictus

Gentleben here to give you my post battle review of the Protectorate of Menoth’s newest Warcaster. Lets get started:As a Scrutator, Vindictus embodies everything dark and evil about the Protectorate of Menoth. It is the task of he and his fellow inquisitor-priests to root out heresy and unrest wherever it may lurk. To this end […]

Armies of Hordes: Trollbloods at a Glance

The constant wars between the Human inhabitants of the Iron Kingdoms have ensured that there are still vast tracts of undeveloped wilderness within their borders. Stretching on for hundreds of miles, these places serve as a home to many of the less “advanced” humanoid races of Imorren. Perhaps the most powerful of these varied people […]

Hobby: Painting Fennblades

As some of you will probably recall, earlier this year we posted a review of one of Privateer’s first forays into the field of plastics, the Trollkin Fennblades. And as excited as I was to get my hands on them, other projects ensured I’ve just now gotten around to posting about painting them. Hopefully this […]

Forces of Warmachine Cygnar: Review

The Forces of Warmachine: Cygnar book arrived here at BoLS last week. And this 144 page tome contains anything and everything a Cygnar player (or one of their rivals) could ever want to know about the so called Jewel of the Iron Kingdoms. Lets dive in. Each full color page is loaded with art, background, […]