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Professional Painter and Columnist at Bell of Lost Souls.

HOBBY: Making Cobblestone Bases

As promised here is a step by step article on making your own cobblestone bases. A few months back I made some special movement trays for my WOTR Haradrim army using some sheet foam from Hobby Lobby to make a stone texture. I’d been meaning to try a similar technique to make a custom base […]

HOBBY: Painting Your New Protectorate Warjack

If you check in to this site a lot you should know by now we scored big time here at BoLS, getting promo copies of the four new plastic Heavy warjack kits from Privateer Press. Lets walk you though painting up one of these fantastic new kits.While a truly obsessed minis gamer like me is […]

WARMACHINE SNEAK PEEK: Plastic Warjack Sneak Preview!

So who wants to take a detailed look at the new upcoming Warmachine Plastic Warjacks?Hot off the heels of the Fennblade article, Privateer Press has graciously sent along preview copies of their latest endeavors in the field of plastic miniatures, and let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, these are the kits you’ve been waiting […]

HORDES REVIEW: Plastic Fennblades Unboxed.

Not every Warmachine player was as excited as I was when Privateer Press announced that plastic minis would be on their way in soon and would become a regular part of their future product releases. The biggest bonus right off the bat was the anticipation of lower prices for these new models. While some of […]

HOBBY: A New Take on Painting Metallics

Those of you that have been following this blog for long enough will remember me touching on this subject ages ago, but I have always wanted to come back and give it its own article. Metallics have a well deserved reputation of being difficult to work with. There are two basic ways most people tend […]

Whether Warmachine?

Go back six years, and 40k and WFB were the whole of my hobby world. At that point I’d been playing the games for a full decade. I had five 40k armies and four for fantasy. I could name the Primarch of every Space Marine chapter and recite the history of the High Elves from […]

Matte medium and what it can do for you.

So if you read my last post you know that paint consists of Binder, Vehicle, and, Pigment. Matte medium has binder and vehicle but no pigment. When added to paint it increases viscosity and drying time slightly, but what it’s really useful for is translucency effects. If you want to make something look dirty or […]