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Ben Williams

Professional Painter and Columnist at Bell of Lost Souls.

Whether Warmachine?

Go back six years, and 40k and WFB were the whole of my hobby world. At that point I’d been playing the games for a full decade. I had five 40k armies and four for fantasy. I could name the Primarch of every Space Marine chapter and recite the history of the High Elves from […]

Matte medium and what it can do for you.

So if you read my last post you know that paint consists of Binder, Vehicle, and, Pigment. Matte medium has binder and vehicle but no pigment. When added to paint it increases viscosity and drying time slightly, but what it’s really useful for is translucency effects. If you want to make something look dirty or […]

What the hell is paint?

Ok, so I know what everyone is thinking: “DUH!”. Before you get too insulted, let me say, that I honestly thought a lot about whether this article would be a waste of time to write, but I think it will contain information you might find useful and informative, and I know I’ll be referring back […]

Meet Gentleben

Hi. Bigred and the other Fly Lords have recruited me to post painting instruction and tips because I can paint better than they can. I will try to post articles on simple techniques anyone can use, and blog articles going over the more complicated stuff I do as I do it. I will try to […]