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Do you have a great Warhammer 40k, D&D, Age of Sigmar, X-Wing, Warmachine, Wargaming, or RPG Podcast? Do you love the Games Workshop, Star Wars, Privateer Press, your favorite RPG universe and want to expose your hard work to a wide audience of RPG, Tabletop and Wargaming fanatics? If you answered yes to those questions you may be ready to join the BoLS Alliance Podcast Network.

Members of the BoLS Alliance are exclusively displayed on the BoLS Podcast Directory here for all our readers to see and visit. The requirements for inclusion in the BoLS Alliance Podcast Network are:


1) You have a podcast that is primarily dedicated to Tabletop games, Miniatures or RPGs. It can be Warhammer 40k, D&D, X-Wing, Privateer Press, or Age of Sigmar, etc…

2) Your podcast is more than 4-months old.

3) You post regularly (multiple times per month)

4) Your podcast publishes a RSS feed. (we will need it to add you)

5) You do not use profanity or adult language in any of your episode’s titles (this can negatively affect all other websites who link to you in widgets).

6) You are positive about the hobby and have a great time podcasting!

The BoLS Podcast Directory will display the 20 most recent members who have posted, so post reguarly to keep from dropping off the bottom.

Installing the BoLS News Widget

If you meet all of these requirement, add this BoLS widget (cut and paste the html below) into your site (normally into a widget), and email us with your URL. We will get you right in!

<div id="fgid_3e1df9e3492bf30b2ab9d8601" class="feedgrabbr_widget"></div>
<script>if (typeof (fg_widgets) === "undefined") fg_widgets = new Array(); fg_widgets.push("fgid_3e1df9e3492bf30b2ab9d8601");</script>
<script async src=""></script>

BoLS News Widget
Here is the BoLS Widget so you can see what it looks like. It is a responsive widget and will widen or narrow to fit the space you put it into on your site.

~If you would like your Warhammer/Tabletop gaming related podcast to be added to the BoLS Tabletop & Wargaming Podcast Directory, please:
1) Make sure you blog meets the requirements listed above.
2) Email BoLS at
[email protected] , subject ALLIANCE PODCAST REQUEST.
3) Link back to BoLS, using the html snippet shown above.

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