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Arbites Conversion Part 2: The Shock Arbitrator

And now for your viewing pleasure, we present the second installment of Bell of Lost Souls’ critically acclaimed series: Arbites Conversions for dummies.Begin this model the same as you did your Arbitrator. Greenstuff the elbows and knee pads. The shield is a bit tricky. I had several left over from the Arbites bitz order from […]

Arbites Conversion Part 1: The Arbitrator

The Arbitrator; bread and butter of the Adeptus Arbites list. Without him, you have nothing. The model starts as a basic Cadian with 3 main conversions, the pads, the gun and the head. The Cadian model needs a bit of bulking up to look like a proper Arbitrator. To do this, greenstuff knee and elbow […]

Adeptus Arbites Logo Sheet

“To serve the Emperor. To protect His domains. To judge and stand guard over His subjects. To carry the Emperor’s law to all worlds under His blessed protection. To pursue and punish those who trespassed against His word.”-Arbites Cadet Oath The Adeptus Arbites are coming folks! With all the work we have put into our […]

DESIGN WORKSHOP: Arbites Shotgun Edition

Hi everybody, The Adeptus Arbites minidex is coming along swimmingly and should be going into playtest next week. There are a couple of sticky issues left and because I’m a big believer in “measure twice, cut once” I thought it would be best to get some feedback from you all first.

Vehicles of the Adeptus Arbites

Adeptus Arbites are essentially the Imperium’s police force. They are not so much a local police force, most planets and systems have their own, they are more interested in making sure the Imperium’s laws are followed. Closer to a FBI or secret police type setup. Anyways, For my list, I needed three types of vehicles; […]

Deathcult assassins, Delaque style

I’m not a big fan of the deathcult assassin’s that GW puts out. The acrobatic sword swinging ninja’s look more Elder than Imperial. For the Adeptus Arbites army I’ve been building I wanted grittier, down to earth, stab you in a dark ally looking assassins.I started out with Necromunda’s Delaque gang figures. Their trench coats […]