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MARS ATTACKS: Escalation!

The Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game Kickstarter project has reached the halfway point, with the first major expansion launched – Mars Attacks: Escalation. The Kickstarter just put up a video of gameplay to check out, but the big deal is the Escalation rules which is a full fledged wargame for all of us who want to play […]

NEWS: KR Multicase Brings the Color & Autofill

KR Multicase just rolled out ten foam colors for your army carrying needs and fancy new ordering software to easily fill up your armybag based on your miniatures.  Here’s the details: KR Multicase – AutoFill and 10 tray colours ! KR have developed this unique feature to help you get the safest and best trays […]

$100 Shopping Spree – BoLS Market Hobby Giveaway

We’re doing that $100 shopping spree thing again!  This one’s easy – show us what cool hobby project you’re working on right now! We’ve always felt that gamers sharing their projects, conversions and favorite tips and tricks is the lifeblood of the hobby, so here’s our chance to say thank you! First off we’d like to say […]

Geek Nation Tours does Adepticon 2012 – With BoLS

Come hang out with the BoLS Crew at Adepticon – courtesy of Geek Nation Tours. Geek Nation Tours is happy to present our tour to the world’s largest wargaming tournament – AdeptiCon! AdeptiCon has a multitude of gaming experiences for the discriminating wargamer. AdeptiCon offers tournaments using a variety of different wargaming systems, a huge […]

Goatboy – Planning the Invasion of Britain

Goatboy here again talking about my upcoming trip overseas to the wonderful country – Britain. That’s right the internet darling/punching bag Goatboy is headed overseas for the awesome Geeking out with Miniatures in the UK with Geek Nation Tours. Today I wanted to talk about what the plan is with the tour and some of […]

Geek Nation Tours

Our buddies at Geek Nation tours are headed back to the UK this year and they have trapped a very special creature for your entertainment… More after the jump. After the huge success of our 2010 tour Geek Nation Tours is returning to the United Kingdom in the fall of 2011. Every miniature wargaming Geek’s […]

Adepticon 2011 & Geek Nation Tours

Hi folks.  Adepticon 2011 is inching closer.  Have you finalized your armies yet?  Well for you folks wanting to see Adepticon in High Style, Geek Nation Tours has some late breaking news… and a very special guest.  Take it away Teras: Hello All, Geek Nation Tours has just received some exciting news.  As you may […]

Battle Foam Black Friday Sale!

Romeo from Battlefoam wanted to let you guys know that Friday is Black Friday, you will REALLY WANT to go visit their website for one crazy sale! Battle Foam’s annual Black Friday Sale will be on Friday, November 26th.  You will receive a 25% discount on all orders placed between 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM […]

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