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Airbrushing – Treads, Hull & Turrets Tutorial

    Kenny over at Next Level Painting just put out his SECOND tutorial for super heavy tanks, this time it’s on painting the hull, turret, and weathering the treads!   These tanks are done in the ‘traditional’ dark green of the First Legion of the Adeptus Astartes: the Dark Angels.   Checkout all the weathering on the treads and […]

SCWH Airbrush Guide Pt. 1

Hello, Mike M (cornumortem) here from Santa Cruz Warhammer to talk about some airbrush basics. The airbrush can be an invaluable tool for hobbyists, but it’s easy to forget that it’s part of a larger system. While airbrush recommendations and theory can be found on most of the hobby sites, the rest of the system seems to […]

HOBBY: Quickly Airbrush Feathered Wings

In this tutorial we teach you a technique that you can apply to creating normal looking feathers or rainbow feathers. With this video we show you a three color wing process but you can easily add more colors to make the gradient more vibrant. Make sure you water down you paints a great amount when airbrushing […]

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