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Anima Tactics

Giveaway-Challenge : Cipher Studio’s Morrigan

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read February 5

Cipher Studios wants you BoLS readers a chance to win a free Morrigan model just for saying you like Anima Tactics. Here’s how to enter. Her origins are a mystery. She is a legend among legends, a being out of dark tales that roams the earth in physical form. The most widely believed myth is […]

Hobby: Valis Ul Del Vilfain (Anima Tactics)

Guest Columnist 7 Minute Read October 8

Hey, y’all, Voices here with another painting how-to on another Anima Tactics model, the beautiful sylvain (that’s “elf” in setting-speak) Valis Ul Del Vilfain, Princess of the Arias. Before we begin, take a quick look at the pictures below; the first is the original by Wen Yu Li, and the second is the production version […]

Hobby: High Arbiter Aizen (Anima Tactics)

Guest Columnist 6 Minute Read August 12

Hey y’all, Voices here with the inaugural model for our burgeoning series on the Anima Tactics game from Cipher Studios, Anima Project, and FFG… As I write this article, Aizen’s first sealer coat is drying. I’m done with him and happy with the results. Aizen’s one of the expanded setting characters, mentioned several times in […]

Review: Anima Tactics

Guest Columnist 3 Minute Read August 6

Spanky Harrison here with a different kind of book review. I’m always on the lookout for new games, and Bigred tossed me a copy of Anima Tactics by Cipher-Studios. I’ve played a few games, and now I’m here to talk about it!Anima Tactics is a high fantasy anime based skirmish game. It uses small forces of […]

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