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Anvil Industries

Interview: AFTERLIFE – The Shards of Liberty

Tabletop Fix 8 Minute Read October 20

Hello everybody, I’ve had the chance to talk with Joel Pitt from Anvil Industry about their current Kickstarter and their new game system, Afterlife. So if you are interested in a fast-paced action-packed tabletop game take a look (there are some exclusives previews in here, too)! (Please note: Some of the designs shown here are […]

Unboxing – Anvil Industry Afterlife Assault Team

Tabletop Fix 4 Minute Read February 19

Hello everybody, I recently received my Anvil Industry Assault Team for their new Afterlife range and thought I share some pictures with you! Afterlife is a new narrative wargame under development by Anvil Industry and set in the 24th century. The totalitarian technocrats of the Unity Council rule most of the globe with an iron […]

Bits Review: A Call to Arms – Rating the Best Bits

Billy Pistole 6 Minute Read July 15

Today we are going to look at a bunch of bits companies and decide who really makes the best arms! Normally I just review various bits I get and try to show people whats out there and how it is usable to the average 40k player.  I decided to do something different this time around.  […]

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