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Infinity: August Releases Unboxed

 Step right up. I’ve got more cool Infinity models to show off. Once again why not start with A for Aleph? Like many other Aleph characters, Thamyris is based off a character from Classical Greece. What’s unusual is that unlike Ajax, Achilles, or Penthesileia who are based off of mighty warriors, Thamyris was a bard. […]

Infinity: July Releases Unboxed

Come take a closer look at all the cool products Corvus Belli released back in July.   Why not start with A for Aleph? He might not have the beefy shoulderpads or flashy antenna of some other Infinity models, but this guy has a cool retro vibe, and he knows how to rock it. Before […]

The DIRT – Infinity 3rd Edition Latest Info

So it’s the first weekday after Corvus Belli revealed their Infinity news at Ficzone 2014…. so it’s time to talk 3rd Edition. So just like our first “episode” of The DIRT, today has three parts.  And just like the Tohaa, I think I’m going to strive for that moving forward.  I’m telling you this all up […]