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WFB EDITORIAL: The Place of Beastmen

So the big release for February from Games Workshop is the Beastmen Army Book.   My question for today is did the new book leave the Children of Chaos out in the cold without a place to call home in the game?Lets take a quick look at the major changes in the army from a distance […]

WFB NEWS: Beastmen Ship

Hi guys, Today is the the day the Beastmen arrive after all the rumors, talk, and preview shots.  You can see the entire new model range inthe Games Workshop New Releases section here.  The major kits breakdowns include:Beastmen Army BookMinotaursBestigor HerdGor HerdUngor Herd ~There are a couple of other models such as the Razorgor and […]

WFB SNEAK PEEK: Beastmen Sprues

Check out these front and back sprue pic of the upcoming plastic Beastmen and Minotaurs sets. Minotaurs Beastmen ~So what are you you Fantasy players thinking about both these sprues and the Beastmen Army book as a whole?  Have at it folks.

WFB NEWS: Beastmen Sightings

Hi all, The Children of Chaos, the dread Beastmen are just around the corner, and reports are trickling in of eyewitness accounts of the Armybook itself. Here is what is being reported: Army wide special rule which forces the beastman player to take leadership tests for all units in close combat. Units which pass gain […]

WFB NEWS: Beastmen Advance Orders

Hi guys, Today Games Workshop put up a boatload of Beastmen in the Fantasy Advanced Order section. You’ve already checked out the latest rules scuttlebutt here, so go check out all the pictures Warhammer Armies: BeastmenMinotaursBestigor HerdGor HerdUngor Herd Doombull Razorgor Ghorros Warhoof Malagor, the Dark Omen ~Those minotaurs sure are muscletastic.  Have at it.

WFB RUMORS: Beastmen Rules Tidbits

Rumors via The Herdstone: The latest Beastmen rules rumors straight from the mill.  Enjoy! Herds have split , both ranked up but ungor get the option to skirmishUnruly has goneNew rule for “herds”- when in combat take a leadership check.If passed the unit gets hatred, if you roll insane courage you get hatred and frenzy. […]



WFB RUMORS: Beasts of Chaos

Rumors brought to the community by Scryer in the Darkness and Grimgorironhide Following up on earlier hints from Games Workshop, the first real rumor dumps of the Beast of Chaos armybook have arrived: Scryer in the Darkness says:Doombull (Metal Box) – TBDGrulgor* (Metal Box) – TBDGors (Plastic Box) – TBDUngors (Plastic Box) – TBDBestigors (Plastic […]

40K WFB RUMORS: Q4-Q1 Armybooks

The pieces in the grand puzzle begin to coalesce… From the latest White Dwarf:“If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…Especially if it’s one of the dark forests that cover the Old World”That would seem to corroborate with what we’ve been hearing of Beasts of Chaos being the first […]



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