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D&D: A History In Miniatures – Prime

Minis are all but written into the DNA of D&D. Throughout the last forty-five years, these pewter and plastic figures have put adventurers on the map. Dungeons & Dragons might be the dominant force in the tabletop roleplaying world–but it would be nothing if not for the miniatures that came before it. Before Heroforge, before […]

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RPG Supernova: The Rise Of Streaming – PRIME

Livestreamed Shows are one of the most important parts of the RPG renaissance we’re in right now, but where did they all begin? RPGs are in a golden age right now, there’s no denying. D&D, in particular, is leading the charge on this one–and it’s no surprise since D&D has basically defined the RPG industry […]

Satanic Panic: Beyond Dungeons & Dragons – Prime

When Satanic Panic comes up in gaming circles it’s usually as a joke about the overreaction to D&D in the 1980s – rediculous Chick Tracts and movies like Monsters and Mazes. The hysteria went beyond tabletop gaming, and what happened to some of the people swept up in it is truly terrifying. Satanic Panic came to […]

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