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Brent: 40K Needs to Borrow From Other Games

Greetings and salutations, BoLS Faithful, and welcome to another Terrible Tuesday.  While your host hasn’t quite kicked the ol’ hobby apathy……it could be said I’ve taken the first, healthy steps on the Wargaming Road of Recovery.  I understand it might lead toward balance and moderation in the pursuit of hobby satisfaction. “What are these healthy […]

Brent’s Bad Hobby Habits: Uncontrolled Spending

I’m dealing with a bit of hobby apathy lately, sort of a low-level wargaming depression that sets in between infrequent games.Naturally, it just makes me want to dump a moody article on the lot of you.  You’re welcome! I intended to write about some ‘Bad Hobby Habits’ in areas such as uncontrolled spending and aggressive […]

Brent: The GW Chairman’s Ramble in Shambles

Tom Kirby, the Chairman and Acting CEO of Games Workshop, has ruined my Terrible Tuesday Eve.Why, hello!  My name is Brent.  Tuesdays are my day here on Bell of Lost Souls. (That was the introduction for this editorial.  As introductions go, it wasn’t that great, but it hit the necessary points so let’s just get […]


BoLS video battle report time!  You read that right! Two of your favorite writers throwdown!Brent’s retro CSMs starring Kharn take on Goatboy’s kitchensink Chaos force. Lets see who can pull it off! Stick around for the really good post game show discussion of 7th Edition. Subscribe to the BoLS YouTube ChannelGo check it out – […]

Brent: Revisiting Hobby Tips and Tricks

Today’s Terrible Tuesday offering revisits tips and tricks from posts of ages past, gleaned from articles written during the dark ages of blogging.  Which is to say, articles from around 2010. Still, blog and forum posts age in the same way dogs do, so it’s unlikely most of you remember content from so far back! […]

Brent: On Trolls and Booty-Holes

Today’s Terrible Tuesday editorial is a bit-of-nothing-special opinion piece on Internet Trolls, Flame Wars, Net-Stalking, and just plain Haterade.My name is Brent.  I don’t think I’m particularly controversial but there are a fair number of people of seem to hate my digital guts, sight unseen.  Now, as a topic, “People That Profess to Hate Brent,” […]

Brent: Terrain… Couldn’t Be More Important!

Terrain for tabletop wargaming is a favorite subject of mine, and it doesn’t take much to understand why. Imagine:  you’ve got a newly painted army of Imperial Knights  and you’re squaring off against the Orks.  The Gorkanaught isn’t dry yet because your buddy just finished painting it – but he’s a gamer so he’s using […]

Brent: Games Workshop and the Micro Transaction

I steal all of my best ideas.  Not only do I take them but I shine them up real nice and pretty and take all the credit for thinking of them in the first place.Case in point, today’s article editorial catalyst for conversation, which developed out of a conversation I had with a dude from […]

Brent: A Positive Take on Armies in 7th Ed. 40K

Welcome to another Terrible Tuesday, which I suspect will become a bit of a rant by the end.  Before I serve up some righteous indignation, I wanted to mention Memorial Day. Many members of my family have served in the United States military, most recently my brother, and all of them have come home from war […]

Brent: 40K 7th Edition, the New Pick and Choose Paradigm?

They say be careful what you wish for – GW may just give it to you… I’ve commented before that Games Workshop has recently given the community what it collectively said it always wanted but we found reason to complain anyway.  With the discussion of 7th, there’s no reason to change that opinion. I had […]

Brent: 7th Edition Skyfall

Well, here we go again. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, GW is preparing to release the seventh edition of Warhammer 40K come the end of May.   What you may not know……is this is actually my fault. Darn it all, I just now bought the Battle Markers for the main rulebook. In fact, […]

Brent: Kicking Kickstarter

The last time I graced the BoLS Frontpage was April 1st, when I posted an interview with Brian Niro for Anvil Eight Games, a startup who launched a month-long Kickstarter for its premier offering, Aetherium.I’m happy to say that solely because of me through grace and hard work, the company met its goal with 9-days to […]

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