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Brent: BanHammer Games Workshop?

“Blogosphere, this is Houston.  It’s a Terrible Tuesday and your host is a go.  Good luck, maybe goodbye.  It’s a Grim Dark Future out there.” As an aside, I wonder if any of the Emperor’s Finest will ever run into space junk from the various ages of man.  Voyager?  Or a commercial satellite from the […]

Brent: When Do You Know an Army?

Brent here on a fine Terrible Tuesday morning, all primed and ready to talk some Sisters of Battle Adepta Sororitas as well as ask… …when do you really know your army? Over the last five or six years, my Warhammer 40K habit has been to collect and paint a tournament army then play it for […]

Brent: A Pictorial History of Blogging

Today’s Terrible Tuesday features the life and times of Brent, a Strictly Average hobbyist who writes a fairly regular feature on Bell of Lost Souls. I’ve been absent from these lofty digital pages for two weeks now.  Turns out, Games Workshop just released a series of stunning miniatures, people talked about the price before buying […]

Brent Asks: Be It Proxy or Counts As?

Yesterday, my buddy Goatboy – inventor of the Sadness Doughnut – opened his article by giving a big ol’ finger to anyone who thought Chaos Space Marine Counts-As was dead.Goatboy just can’t let anything go. Brent here, heralding in another Fine Terrible Tuesday with an article that discusses Counts-As, proxies, and where it all might […]

Brent: Trip to the Hobby Store!

Good morning, Western Hemisphere!  Good evening, Eastern Hemisphere!  For those of you at work reading this, just tell your employers your productivity will no doubt increase with an infusion of creativity.For those of you reading this at home, if you get caught by your significant other you can always try the time honored, Stealth Geek […]

Brent: What’s Wrong with Book Missions?

Excuse me in advance.  There is a large percentage of you who simply don’t care about tournaments, and you’ve been perfectly clear about it!  Usually that means I avoid topics with too much specificity……but this article is a bit of a gripe.  And very specific.  So apologies in advance. With that out of the way, […]

Brent: Wargaming: What’s Trending Now?

Welcome again to Terrible Tuesday… but how bad could it be?  Most of you are probably reading this from work.Ignore me.  It’s jealousy talking; the network where I earn my miniatures-money blocks me from any part of the Internet that’s remotely entertaining. So, what’s Trending Now?  This will be an irregular series of articles about […]

Brent: On Stuff – How Much is Too Much?

The Blogosphere loves to describe the many faces of the miniatures gamer; to divide, and label, and categorize – and subcategorize.  I’m not complaining, being more guilty than most over years of writing articles.  Still, let’s do it again. Perhaps hobbyists can be divided into two distinct categories, those who keep their toys over the […]

Brent: Is Cheating Really All That Important?

Welcome again to another Terrible Tuesday; today’s contribution isn’t really an article and it certainly isn’t an editorial.  More like a thought.An unfinished thought.  Really, I should be ashamed, but more than anything I’m curious.  Today I’m asking the question… “Is Cheating Really All That Important?” Here’s how it happened… Our store plays primarily Warhammer […]

Brent’s Not-So-Serious Wargames Illustrated Review

This week’s Terrible Tuesday article has a bit to do with history.  Real history, not, “Say, what was the Emperor wearing in 20K?”  It’s in the spirit of history and its intersection with the magazine Wargames Illustrated that I’ll be writing this review.And if history has shown anything, it’s that I’m something of an internet […]

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