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Warmachine: I Want to Dominate You

Ben Williams 6 Minute Read October 14

Today we’ll look at which Merc units you should consider Dominating my Cephalyx pretties!  Let’s face it, there are a ton of choices for this guy, and everyone seems to have a strong opinion on which is the best one. Croe’s are a good choice for a few reasons. With TK Thexus can see to […]

Warmachine: Exulon Thexis – To Tier or Not to Tier?

Ben Williams 6 Minute Read October 13

 With two ways to run the Cephalyx Warcaster, which one do you choose? Forces of Warmachine: Cephalyx has been pre-released at gencon and on Privateer Press Digital. We now know that Thexis is the only Cephalyx Warcaster we can expect to see for awhile. While I was a little surprised there weren’t anymore, especially given […]

Warmachine: New Cephalyx Unboxed

Ben Williams 4 Minute Read October 10

Don’t let them take you alive!  Time to take a close look at the creepy Cephalyx if you DARE… Let’s start off with the new Mind Slaver and Drudges. When I saw these guys in a Cryx box and not a Mercenaries one, there was a split second where I was like “hey somebody made […]

Warmachine: Cephalyx Mind Slaver and Drudges

Ben Williams 5 Minute Read September 29

  With the plastic re-release of the Mind Slavers and Drudges, it’s a great time for a closer look at this unusual unit. If you have even a passing interest in Warmachine you’ll no doubt be aware that this is an exciting time for the Cephalyx. It’s hard to believe these guys first showed up […]

Warmachine: Cephalyx Unboxed

Ben Williams 3 Minute Read September 2

At long last, the Cephalyx have arrived!  Come soak in the creepiness… Has it really been seven years since we saw the first Cephalyx? Well it says 2007 on the tabs of my old metal drudges. And of course that’s just models. The Cephalyx have been around a lot longer in the IKRPG. Now after […]

Warmachine: All Glory to the Cephalyx!

bLank 4 Minute Read June 25

Warmachine’s newest sub-faction offers a look into the darker parts of Immoren. Time to delve into the darkness: Hailing from the dank sewers of the great cities of Immoren, the Cephalyx perform their twisted experiments in secrecy. Pushing the limits of the body, Cephalyx surgeons precisely fuse metal and flesh to create horrific monstrosities capable […]

Warmachine: No Quarter 54

Ben Williams 9 Minute Read June 2

   No Quarter #54 is here. It’s full of all sorts of awesomeness, but we know what we really care about: Cephalyx. In our first glimpse into this new mercenary contract we get a look at 1 warcaster, 3 monstrosities (Cephalyx Warjacks basically), a unit, a UA, and a Solo. While there’s a lot of […]

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