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BREAKING: Chapterhouse Studios Re-Opens!

Robert B 2 Minute Read November 24

Fresh from their recent settlement with Games Workshop, it appears that Chapterhouse Studios is back. Nick from CHS posted up late Friday night on their Facebook page the following; Conversion Kit for StormRaven – up for sale   Wanted to put a note out there that our website is back up and selling again. I have […]

Mantic Zombie Marines for Halloween!

Brains – they want brains…  If only I had a use for a giant pile of high-tech soldier zombies… oh wait. Via Mantic  Zombie Marines – Halloween Special Fallen battle-brothers from the Deadzone VI massacre, Z Corp are mindless, plague-ridden corpses, reanimated by whatever malignant viral infection resided planetside. Chaotic in their way of fighting, […]

EXCLUSIVE: Mantic Enforcer-Captain

Ohh, looks like those Corporation forces may be getting some heavy backup.  Check out this guy. Manticgames just sent over their latest sculpt along with this bit of background fluff: The officers of the Enforcers lead from the front. Taking to the field of battle in armour that is heavier than that of their men, […]

EXCLUSIVE: Mantic Iron Ancestor and Commandos

Mantic threw over a couple of teaser minis for Warpath you will want to check out!First up is that imposing Forge Father Iron Ancestor up top.  That walking bucket of big trouble is scheduled for an August release. Next up is this teaser shot of the mysterious “Commandos”  These tough guys are said to work […]

Mantic: Project Pandora Unboxing

Ben Williams 9 Minute Read May 22

Project Pandora is Mantic’s latest board game and their second to tie in to their existing miniatures line.  Lets take a closer look. Following the highly successful Dwarf King’s hold, Mantic has set this new game in their futuristic Warpath universe.  One player controls the Corporation marines guarding a mysterious and valuable cargo onboard an […]

Goatboy’s Model Review – Mantic’s Corporation Models!

Thomas / Goatboy 4 Minute Read March 21

Goatboy here again – getting lucky enough to paint some of Mantic’s new Warpath Corporation models. As usual the review will follow the same sort of guidelines to better explain my own thoughts and opinions of the models. As usual I will start the review off with Build, Paint, and Value. Build deals with how […]

MANTIC: Project Pandora and Veer-Myn Inbound

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read March 19

Manticgames gives word that both Project Pandora and their latest Sci-Fi face, the Veer-Myn are headed to shelves shortly. via Mantic: Project Pandora Project Pandora: Grim Cargo is the new two-player sci-fi board game pitting  the might of the Corporation against the Veer-myn who have boarded a Corporation Starship in an attempt to steal its […]

Wargames Gallery 3-09-2012

Today’s Picture of the Day is courtesy of ManticGames and is on our Facebook page here. Go LIKE it! Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do! […]

NEWS: Mantic’s 8th Race and More (pics)

Larry Vela 3 Minute Read February 17

Mantic Games “8th Race” is showing just a bit of leg…   First up is the upcoming Pandora Project boxed game featuring a tile based spaceship, ten corporation minis and ten of the 8th Race Scavengers. (see above) Project Pandora: Grim Cargo is the new sci-fi board game from Mantic Games pitting the Corporation against […]

BREAKING: Mantic Corporation Kits (pics)

Those Mantic sci-fi humans we saw previews of a few weeks ago are back and with even more units.  Check out the new units below. Retailers are listing prices as follows: Corporation Army £49.99 @46 models (includes 4 HW teams) Corporation Heavy Weapons £17.50 @6 models (3 HW teams)Corporation Veterans £15.99 @10 models (includes 1 […]

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