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The Growth of Mantic Games

Guest Columnist 4 Minute Read March 18

  In about five years, Mantic Games have really exploded into the tabletop gaming hobby.  They’ve come a long way from “niche alternative fantasy army miniatures manufacturer” to today being a hobby gaming company with six major games across three gaming universes.

10 Things You’re Missing if You’re Not Playing Deadzone

Larry Vela 5 Minute Read January 25

ManticGames has been shipping out their latest boxed game Deadzone and wants you to know what it’s all about: Courtesy of ManticGames Over the last few months, we’ve sent out a lot of Deadzone. It went out to almost 5000 Kickstarter backers, and was available in limited numbers through our webstore and retail stockists. That means […]

Mantic: Deadzone Rules Review

Kraggi 7 Minute Read December 12

Hi everyone, Kraggi here from the Varcan Cluster. Time to let you know about the latest thing to come out of Mantic Games, and this one is pretty damn impressive!More after the jump!::Updated after an error in understanding made it into the Review (22nd Jan 2014) Measurement Well the first place is probably the  measurements used […]

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