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Dreadball – Sprinting into Overtime!

Mantic’s upcoming sci-fi sports game is off and running to a fantastic start.  Lets take a look! First up, here’s the gameplay explained: With that under your belt, you will want to head over to the Kickstarter page and see how its all shaking out. Dreadball Kickstarter With a bit over a week to go, […]

Mantic: Dreadball Hits the Big Leagues

Mantic has just opened up a Kickstarter for Dreadball, and their new fancy boardgame looks like it could be ready form primetime!  Here’s the latest info. So hot off the heels of the wildly sucessful Kings of War Kickstarter Ronnie and the gang at Mantic are at it again.  Here’s the latest info on Dreadball […]

BREAKING: Dreadball – Mantic goes Tron

Ohh, look what just showed up.  Mantic has a new fancy boardgame in the pipe that looks a lot like Tron Legacy.  Here’s the latest info. So the Kings of War hardback just shipped and with a successful Kickstarter behind them it looks like Ronnie and the gang at Mantac are in the mood to […]

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