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GW Retro Corner: Hive War (EPIC)

Today we look at 1995’s EPIC Hive War Tyranid army book.  So many teensy retro bugs! Welcome to the BoLS Retro Corner, where each week, we take you on a time machine to the era of early tabletop awesomeness.  This week, we take you back to the heady days of 6mm scale EPIC Tyranid action! […]

HOBBY: A WAAAGH for All Scales

I love a gamer who loves a faction so much they collect it and paints in all scales. Take a look at these EPIC, 40K, and BFG Orks! from Black_CatEPIC 40K BattleFleet Gothic I say BRAVO!  Truly a hobbyist who cares more about their beloved toy soldiers than any particular rules.  If you have a […]

Top Ten EPIC Models We NEED in 40K

With all the talk of EPIC-inspired 40K kits, we thought is was time to go looking through the EPIC archives to see what gems are still out there. Eldar Stormserpent – Infinite capacity transport! A superheavy tank built on the Scorpion chassis that has almost no weapons but a stable warpgate instead.  Hello mobile reserves […]

EPIC Finds New Life in “Pocket 40K”

We were all sad to hear that EPIC was going the way of the Dodo.  But one group of inspired gamers found a new use for all those EPIC miniatures lying around – 6mm Warhammer 40,000! First up, the video: Then their website: POCKET 40K And their preamble: If you always thought that Warhammer 40,000 […]

Specialist Games Going, Going, Gone…

Games Workshop is bidding goodbye to a lot of games from the days of yore.  Grab your hankie… This story has been bouncing around for a couple days, but multiple sources are now saying that indeed the entire Games Workshop Specialist Games line is shuffling towards the graveyard.  In particular, the following: -Necromunda-Battlefleet Gothic-Epic-Mordheim-Warmaster-Inquisitor Are […]

Best of BoLS – Hobbits, Scorpions & Tiny Lamenters

Best of BoLS returns with more of your modelsDoc; Afternoon, morning or evening (time zone dependant) to you all! Its time for another riveting look through the best the BoLS lounge can throw at us! Shades; Hello again BoLSers. Once again me and the Doc have been delving into the very guts of the Miniatures, […]

EPIC: Mechanised Marines Playtest #1

To those who thought maybe I died, I’ve been gone that long…you’re not far wrong—my new RealLifeJob(tm) is SMASHING ME MERCILESSLY, and time for Epic playing, let Epic along article writing, is somewhat thin on the ground.But you’re not here to read my whining. Noooo. My readers want The Epicness! I invite all three of […]

EPIC: Land Raiders – An Opinion

In the universe of Warhammer 40,000, the Space Marines of the Legions Astartes are THE iconic army. And within the ranks of the Space Marines, the Land Raider is THE iconic armour unit. Lets take a look at why is it, then, that in Epic:Armageddon you rarely see the formations of Land Raiders on the […]

EPIC: GR00VER heads to CANCON 2010

CANCON and its battlefields—located deep in the wilds of Canberra, Australia—have a bloody history. Man and Xeno alike have fought and killed over this place for millennia.The quest for victory at CANCON can sometimes end in glory…other times in abject defeat. Many thousands of metal and plastic warriors have died here. Many more will die […]