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Designer’s Notes: Mack Martin on Tactics vs Strategy

Professional Game Designer Mack Martin (DUST Warfare) has decided to open up our new segment with a talk on the difference between tactics and strategy in tabletop wargames.  Come on in… Now that I’ve gotten my computer back from the shop, it’s time to write another article on tabletop game design. I thought I would […]

LEGOS and Wargaming Meet! – Mobile Frame Zero

So Kickstarter is just full of crazy off the wall ideas. We approve of this one.  Mobile Frame Zero First the basics: Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack is the tenth anniversary edition of Vincent Baker’s Mechaton. Build yourself a company of robots called mobile frames out of LEGO, give yourself some objectives to defend, lay […]

INTERVIEW: Alessio Cavatore in the Designer’s Corner

Hi folks.  Alessio Cavatore has graciously offered to follow up on his last interview with BoLS and chat a bit more about game design.  Lets see what this interview brings. Q: It is often said that there is no “correct” rule design for a particular design challenge.  That an infinite number of rule mechanics can […]

Wherein Mr. Cavatore Responds…

Two weeks ago Alessio Cavatore sat down with us, and talked game design.  After the response from the BoLS readership he decided to offer a reply on two of the most contentious topics: True LoS, and Codex:CSM.   Take it away Mr. Cavatore… “Hi, I thought I’d drop by. First of all, thanks for the […]

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40K Deep Thought: Chaos Legions – How Exactly?

Today lets talk about some ugly truths of the Warhammer 40k universe and what we hope for its brighter future.  Lets talk about the Chaos Legions and exactly what we want to see. First the ugly.  It’s no secret that the Chaos Codex is not well liked.  Coming on the heels of the old super […]

INTERVIEW: Alessio Cavatore on GameDesign

Today BoLS is very pleased to bring you an interview with Alessio Cavatore.  He is the credited author of Warhammer 40,000 5th edition, and I am delighted to have to opportunity to bring you all some of his thoughts on game design.  Lets get to it. How did you first get started with formal tabletop […]

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