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Heavy Gear Blitz

Hobby: Assembling and Painting a Heavy Gear (Heavy Gear Blitz!)

Guest Columnist 11 Minute Read June 16

Hey, y’all, Voices here with something I haven’t done in a while: a Heavy Gear hobby article! We’re going to be assembling and painting up a Northern Hunter Gear from the recently-reviewed Heavy Gear Blitz! Two Player Starter Box, a fairly representative model of the sorts of minis used in this game.  So strap in […]

Rules Overview: Heavy Gear Blitz!

Guest Columnist 5 Minute Read May 13

Spanky Harrison here with a brief overview of the rules for Heavy Gear Blitz!. If you like dreadnaughts, dreadknights, battlesuits, or war walkers, then this might be something you want to check out!  Dream Pod 9 has been publishing products for its Heavy Gear setting since 1994, and its only gotten better with time. The […]

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