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High Command is Reborn!

  The release of an updated Kingmaker document, the official organized play rules for Privateer Press’s High Command deck-building game, has effectively remade the game in the best of possible ways.

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Privateer Has a Holiday Gift for Everybody!

Privateer’s DC, just uploaded a bunch of free PDFs to give HIGH COMMAND players a new set of handy tools! Take it Away DC: Deck Building Tools When it comes to building a High Command deck, it’s helpful to have your card collection in front of you to compare your options. But that method is […]

No Quarter Magazine #57

Alright Privateer Press Fans, lets see what the latest No Quarter has in store for you. As usual it’s a nice mix of Hobby, tactics, and background articles for your favorite miniatures game – plus loads more. Let’s break it down. As always the New Releases section is followed by a High Command card preview, […]

High Command: Escalating Conflict Review Pt. 2

Courtesy of Privateer Press Digital. Used with Permission. Let’s dive into the first expansion to High Command: Faith and Fortune, focusing on the new releases for Highborn Covenant and Four Star Syndicate. As mentioned in Part One of this review, Escalating Conflict takes the format of your typical High Command expansion with a new warcaster and five copies […]

Review – High Command: Faith and Fortune Core Set

Privateer Press releases four new factions in a stand-alone core set for its ever-growing deck-building game. I will preface this review by stating that I will not be talking very much about the mechanics of the game. If you are completely new to High Command, and you would like to know more about how it […]

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