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Privateer Press Weekly Roundup: 9-15-2013

Another week and Privateer is back and at em, with a bunch of newly unveiled models.  Time to take a look. Flame Bringers (Menoth) Perforators (Convergence) Optifex Directive (Convergence) Beast Mistress (Legion) Blighted Nyss Legionnaires (Legion) Last but not least, the first add-on for HIGH COMMAND: The Big Guns Bolster your armies with The Big […]

High Command: Initial Impressions and Walkthrough

I’ve had my hands on Privateer Press’s new deck building game based on the Iron Kingdoms property for a few weeks now and have squeezed out a handful of games. Is it worth your time? Warmachine: High Command is a faction-based deck building game where each player fights for control over various locations in Western […]

Privateer Press – Lock and Load Company Preview

Lock and Load, Privateer Press’s annual convention held in Seattle, WA, is in full-swing, and tonight they held a preview of things to come for the company in the coming months. Just what was hiding behind the curtain? Tonight’s preview was held by Messrs Ed Bourelle, Will Schick, and Matt Wilson. They conducted a brief preview […]