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High Elves

End Times: Khaine – Tyrion Avatar of Khaine Review

Jack White 9 Minute Read January 8

Among the ancient heroes of Ulthuan, none weave a more tragic tale around themselves than Tyrion. But how does he perform on the tabletop. Since birth the twin brother of Teclis has borne the curse of Aenarion as keenly as his physically maligned sibling, manifesting instead as rage and psychotic outbursts. His lineage marked him […]

REVIEW: End Times – Khaine

The End Times: Khaine came out last week to add yet another phenomenal chapter to the End Times story. The Rhana Dandra has come, and the Elven nations will never be the same again. Like all of the End Times books so far, the presentation on this one is top notch. The cover is clean […]

End Times Khaine: Tally of Destruction & the Dead

With each new End Times book comes a new swathe of destruction cut across the Fantasy world. Famous and well known characters bite the dust and entire lands crumble into history and Khaine was no exception. I think this would go without saying, but SPOILERS below! SPOILERS!!! Seriously… Naggaroth The home of the Dark Elves comes under […]

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