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TUTORIAL: Painting a Kukulkani Living Ancestor Part 2

Ben Williams 3 Minute Read October 17

Gentleben here and today we get back and finish up a painting tutorial on a Kukulkani Living Ancestor. Last time I left off with the eye glow. We start up this time with the skin. It’s a 1-1 mix of Frostbite and Ryn Flesh. I shade the skin with another mixed color: a 1-1 of […]

HOBBY: Dark Age: Painting a Kukulkani Part 1

Ben Williams 4 Minute Read October 14

  I’ve finally finished painting my first Dark Age warband. I’m going to walk you through painting a Living Ancestor. Have you ever had one of those painting projects that feels like it takes forever? You’re working on it and it’s going great… then something else comes along it gets sidelined. And then it happens […]

Dark Age: Unboxing the Kukulkani

Ben Williams 8 Minute Read June 28

Dark Age has come a long way in the year and a half since I last covered the game. Today I’ll be showing off some minis from the game’s newest faction.  If you’re not familiar with the Dark Age setting, you can read my quick primer from early last year. No time? All right, here’s […]

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