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Level 7

BoLS Review – LEVEL 7 Invasion

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read September 25

Today’s BoLS Review – is all about Privateer Press’ newest boardgame – the awesome LEVEL 7: INVASION. Adamharry dives into the newest member of the LEVEL 7 series of games and shows off the coolness! Subscribe to the BoLS YouTube ChannelGo check it out – there’s all kinds of new videos over there… The year […]

Review: Level 7 – Danger Close by Nathan E. Meyer

relasine 4 Minute Read August 28

Courtesy of Privateer Press Digital. Used with Permission. Skull Island Expeditions has released its first entry in the Level 7 universe with a surprisingly entertaining short story of violent contact between humanity and a new alien menace.  Before reading Level 7: Danger Close, my familiarity with the Level 7 franchise was tangential at best. I had a […]

Privateer Press: Lock & Load Staff Panel Review

relasine 6 Minute Read June 8

Privateer Press spilled the beans on the upcoming year at Lock & Load!  There is SO MUCH to look at!On Friday night, Privateer Press held their Staff Panel as a part of the Lock & Load game fest with some interesting news about upcoming products from the Level 7, Warmachine, and Iron Kingdoms RPG lines. […]

Privateer Press: Upcoming 2014 Products Round-Up

relasine 5 Minute Read February 10

This last Friday, Privateer Press held a keynote presentation at Templecon in Rhode Island with loads of new looks at upcoming products and awesome videos. Here’s the rundown:The keynote presentations started with a brief backer update for Warmachine: Tactics, the turn-based strategy game. Art assets and sculpts were shown for Kommander Sorscha, Exemplar Cinerators and […]

Review: No Quarter No. 52

Ben Williams 5 Minute Read January 22

Let’s take a peek at No Quarter 52. Perhaps the biggest thing to point out about this issue is that it’s 16 pages longer than last November’s Issue 51. The increase in content does come with a price though. This issue comes in at $8.50 – a buck more than the old price. So what […]

Privateer Press – Lock and Load Company Preview

relasine 6 Minute Read June 1

Lock and Load, Privateer Press’s annual convention held in Seattle, WA, is in full-swing, and tonight they held a preview of things to come for the company in the coming months. Just what was hiding behind the curtain? Tonight’s preview was held by Messrs Ed Bourelle, Will Schick, and Matt Wilson. They conducted a brief preview […]

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