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The Green Alliance Kickstarter from Maxmini

The Green Alliance – a full blown sci-fi orcs and goblins army geared up with WW2 US Army inspired equipment. Take a look! As many of you may know Maxmini has been creating stunning bits and miniatures for years.  I’m a big fan of their work because of the high quality and great service.   When […]

Minis Review – Maxmini Wunderrocket

Today we look an oldie but a goodie – Maxmini’s Wunderrocket.  Let’s get started! The Wunderrocket is one of Maxmini’s earlier releases.  As such I was not sure of the quality I woul be receiving.  However, this thing was near perfect.  The lines between the plating was crisp with out any resin seeping in to absure […]

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HOBBY: Punk Rock Ork Boyz

I’ve been working on various ork units lately and I thought I would show one that I think looks pretty good.  I wanted to make a unit of orks that looked like punk rockers. I’m pretty up to date on most of the various smaller companies that sell conversion bits so I started looking at […]

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