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Review: GF9 Bestial Huts.

Greetings Readers! Psyberwolfe here with another review. Today we are going to take a quick look at Gale Force 9’s new Bestial Huts. Let’s dive in. GF9 has yet again hit another homerun. What we see here is the Chieftain Hut set and the Bestial Huts set. Each set sells for $25 which I think […]

Warhammer Ogres: ‘Allo Beasties!

Brent:  Greetings, Mob!  I know you’re itching to use your torches and pitchforks… and while I hate to disappointment you, the article I’m dropping for your viewing pleasure isn’t actually mine.Disappointing, I know!   Still, in the spirit of community I occasionally set aside bandwidth for irregular authors to share their fare on this, the […]

WFB: Ogre Kingdoms Magic and Item Reviews

Last time I covered every Ogre unit.  This time lets look at the big lunk’s magic items and spells. a guest post by Nate Stevens The past 6 months has been a real treat for me. First my Tomb Kings get an update… then my mediocre Daemonhunters are morphed into the mighty Grey Knights… and […]

WFB: Ogre Kingdoms Unit by Unit Reviews

The new book has finally arrived and I have some thoughts on every unit in there! a guest post by Nate Stevens The past 6 months has been a real treat for me. First my Tomb Kings get an update… then my mediocre Daemonhunters are morphed into the mighty Grey Knights… and now my ogres […]

WFB REVIEW: Ogre Kingdoms Armybook

Hi all!  The Ogre Kingdoms Army book is here.  Lets take a look at what’s new and exciting! The CharactersFor heroes and characters, the majority of them are a huge disappointment.  They’re severely overcosted, not as powerful or are non-competitive.  Some of the fluff is good, but the majority of the named characters are not […]

WFB NEWS: Ogres up for Preorder

And here come the Ogre Kingdoms, up on the Games Workshop Advance Order page.  And boy are there a ton of the brutes (and one brutess)… Ogre Kingdoms Armybook $41.25Ogre Kingdoms Batallion $105Thundertusk – Stonehorn $57.75Golgfag Maneater $38Bragg the Gutsman $38Ironblaster – Scraplauncher $33Mournfang Cavalry $36.25 There are about a dozen more launch products in there, but this one seemed… interesting. ~That […]

40K/WFB NEWS: September Releases

Hot off the presses, look what’s headed our way next month for Warhammer 40k and Fantasy! Product Contents Date Price (USD) Material Ogres 6 minis sept 3 $40.00 Plastic Ogre Kingdoms Gnoblar Fighters 24 minis sept 3 $35.00 Plastic Ogre Kingdoms Leadbelchers 4 minis sept 3 $40.00 Plastic Ogre Kingdoms Ironguts 4 minis sept 3 […]

WFB NEWS: Ogre Kingdom Character Minis

OK, the Ogre Kingdoms are looking pretty hot!  Following up on the first round of OK massive warbeast minis, we have these characters doing the rounds all over the tubes.  You’re gonna LOVE these: Ogre Kingdoms Character Minis ~Looking good.  I’m really digging that executioner.  So any takers so far based on the minis we […]

WFB NEWS: Ogre Kingdom Minis

HOLY MOLY!  You better hold on to your hats folks.  The Ogre Kingdoms announced in this month’s White Dwarf are on the march all over the net today.  You have GOT to see this:  Ogre Kingdoms Minis ~I have no words…  It looks like Fantasy may be startting to run on all cylinders (did […]

WFB: 8th Ed. Army Reviews – Part 2/3

Welcome to part 2/3 of my Army Reviews for Warhammer 8th Ed.  If you missed the first installment, here’s the link.  In this segment, you’ll find an analysis on WoC, Dark Elves, Lizardmen, Ogres and Beasts.  A lot of these armies will play quite differently than they did in 7th so make sure you check […]


Happy Easter everybody.  Get out there and contemplate its true deeper meaning in our modern society… with giant chocolate bunnies, and dyed eggs.  So who got the biggest bunny? I want measurements!~I’m really worried that Ogre up there doesn’t have eggs in that basket.  Just saying. I’ll leave you with perhaps my favorite Easter reading […]

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