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HOBBY 40K: Pre-Heresy White Scars

Chris Long 2 Minute Read January 29

Aventine here to show off a few of my Horus Heresy White Scars – you heard that right – WHITE SCARS! Everyone and their brother it seems is going Horus Heresy these days, but have you noticed that just as with 40K, the lighter the armor color the rarer the army?  Well I couldn’t have […]

Brent’s Review: GSI’s Tentacle Maker!

Brent 4 Minute Read November 13

It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a new product on Bell of Lost Souls, which is a shame since it’s a personal favorite bit of Bloggery.So let’s update my record:  today the product is from Green Stuff Industries, and it’s without a doubt the flagship product, the Tentacle Maker. Hell yeah!  The name says it […]

40K Hobby: Aventine’s Necrons From the Depths

Chris Long 3 Minute Read June 15

Aventine here folks.  I’ve been busily painting up my my newly-risen Necron Tombworld.  Lets take a look.  So I have always really liked Necrons. They had that nostalgic Terminator aesthetic plopped into my favorite fictional universe. I never started a whole army though, primarily because of their lack of variety and somewhat dry back story. […]

Brent Asks: Game Room or Junk Room?

Brent 5 Minute Read February 21

It isn’t enough just to own the miniatures, is it?  No, you need paints, washes, brushes, files, clips, primers, sprays, sand, flock, super glue, white glue, plastic glue, epoxy glue, green stuff, brown stuff, shapers, hand drills and rotary drills and drill drills… …and that’s just the start, isn’t it? Hello again from Strictly Average! […]

40K HOBBY: Aventine’s World Eaters Pt. I

Chris Long 5 Minute Read November 26

Aventine here, with some shots of my newest army project. Some people may ask, why Chaos? Why now? Well my only answer is that I’ll be ahead of the curve when Legions comes out, and in the mean time they’ll be Space Wolves (boo!hiss!), haha. A Khorne Berserker army was my first in 40K, way […]

Warmachine: One Man’s Journey Part I

I recently talked a little about PP’s new Journeyman League, which gives new and old players the opportunity to start new armies in a controlled league setting. This is the first post chronicling my own experiences.My local store is just beginning it’s Journeyman League. We’re running the league with the stock rules, so the battlebox […]

Hobby: Rehabilitating Your Old Armies

Guest Columnist 3 Minute Read July 21

Hey there readers Psyberwolfe here to discuss with you about getting your old armies looking spiffy and breathing new life into them. Whether you’re doing this for sentimental or financial reason rehabilitating your old armies can breathe new life into your gaming experience. The Tac Squad Deep Striking into the soak tub Of the gamers […]

40K PROJECT: To Build a Harbinger – Pt. 1

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read July 13

a series by BDub So after some discussion with BigRed regarding how cool it would be to add a Harbinger to a 40K scale Chaos airforce and/or play Aeronautica Imperialis in 40K scale, I decided to explore the possibility. We all speculated on how big the model might be and BigRed was kind enough to […]

40K HOBBY: Bulwark Builds a Bomma – Pt. 3

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read July 1

Meanwhile back at BigMek Bulwark’s aerodrome, the grots are rounding up all the red paint they can carry… Building on the basics of Part 1, and the detailing of Part 2, the Bomma is ready for paint!  Bulwark’s take on the Aeronautica model is part Kult of Speed, part Red Baron (the Snoopy version), and […]

Yme-Loc Memorial Army: Update with PICS!

The Girl 5 Minute Read June 25

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update – we are in the midst of tournament season down here, so work if going a bit slow while other, more pressing projects are being completed by the crew. What has been showing up at our FLGS on gaming night is amazing, though. Banshees painted by CRP […]

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