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40K: Yme-Loc Army Update – Now with Giant Grav Tank

We are a bit over do for an update… and a lot of work has been done on the Commemorative Yme-Loc army since the last time the army showed up on BoLS. Crazy Red Pretorian has been doing some brilliant work on the banshees… I’ve heard things about capes and feathers that sound awesome. Hopefully we […]

40k: Yme-Loc Commemorative Eldar Army Update

Things are afoot since the donated Eldar army arrived. today I’ll ring in the new year with a short update..and photos! The Yme-Loc Scheme Psyberwolfe completed a color test model, and I couldn’t be happier with what he produced based on our discussion two weeks ago. It’s got a great worn in, dusty look to […]

Warhammer 40K: A Memorial of a Different Kind

The last few posts I put up before my absence were about moving from WFB to 40k, and choosing Eldar as my first army. What happened after was unexpected, touching, and, well, amazing. Around Thanksgiving I was contacted by a family member of a soldier who lost his life in Afghanistan. He was an Eldar […]

40K Project Log: Leviathan Part 3

After a 2 month delay, the modeling of the Leviathan is complete. It’s not an exact replica of the epic scale design, but the bastion kits make it work. The bastion has this nice, subtle course detail on the flat surfaces, but the armor over the tracks was made with smooth plasticard. I decided to […]

WFB ARMYLIST: Aventine does Skaven

So I first started playing Skaven when the last book came out. What was that, 2003? I took the army to the Dallas GT that year, had some fun with it, then only touched the army a handful of times ever again. Well the new book really changed all that, and I’ve been playing fanatically. […]