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Robotech RPG Tactics

Warmachine: Lord General Coleman Stryker First Play Experience

relasine 5 Minute Read June 11

The good Lord General has been released for a few weeks now, and I finally had the opportunity to put his metal to the test. Does he stand up to today’s competitive scene?When the stats for Lord General Coleman Stryker were spoiled at TempleCon way back in February, I was fairly excited for Cygnar’s new […]

GENCON 2013 – Mantic, Privateer & Malifaux

Ben Williams 6 Minute Read August 26

  Time for the final installment of our Gen Con Coverage lets take a look at all the goodies from these companies and even more surprises!   Today we start it off with Mantic. They had a lot of cool new Dreadball stuff to show off. In addition to the models they had a preview […]

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