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Warmachine: Painting the Tactical Arcanist Corps pt. 2

Ben Williams 4 Minute Read November 22

Lets finish off these dwarves shall we? Last time, I left with a apron painted Gun Corps Brown. This is highlighted with Hammerfall Khaki Blended into some Menoth White Highlight. I also start on the leather areas with Umbral Umber. The Umbral Umber is highlighted with Blodtracker Brown. A few final highlights are added with […]

HOBBY SHOWCASE: Painting the Earthbreaker Pt. 2

Ben Williams 5 Minute Read November 12

Time for Pt. 2 of painting the Earthbreaker.  Go ahead and catch up with part 1 here and break our your paintbrushes.  Here we go! Last time I had just finished blending all the blues on the chassis. So lets move on to red now. The reds are used rather sparingly as accents in a few […]

HOBBY SHOWCASE: Painting the Earthbreaker Pt. 1

Ben Williams 4 Minute Read November 11

My mighty Rhulic weapon of mass destruction is complete. Here’s the play by play.  Grab that paintbrush and follow along my friends. After every piece was cleaned and filed and every gap filled, I began to assemble everything into the most manageable chunks possible. Painting a fully assembed Colossal is daunting for two reasons. First […]

Warmachine: Earthbreaker – Dwarves Only Edition

Ben Williams 11 Minute Read November 7

Are you one of those elusive Rhulic only players? Well this is probably the most exciting month you’ve had in awhile. When you play a faction as starved for options as Searforge Comission, every new release is a blessing. While I’m not a true Rhulic-only player I do occasionally enjoy bringing out the dwarf and […]

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