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Secret Weapon – Tablescape Modular Terrain Tiles

It’s time to take a look at some of the brand new Tablescapes Tiles from Secret Weapon:  Let’s go! First off, here’s the basics from Secret Weapon on the new tiles: Tablescapes Tiles (Set of 24) $249.99 Tablescapes Tiles are themed series’ of 1X1 ft injection molded HIPS plastic tile terrain. Each carefully crafted tile […]

Starting Up Malifaux: Hired Swords

“A sword never kills anybody, it is a tool in the killer’s hand” -Lucius Annaeus Seneca Hired Swords Boxset 101 Model Count: 7 (Viktoria of Ashes, Viktoria of Blood, Student of Conflict, Taelor, 3 Ronin) Points Playable in Box: Up to 46 (All 7 models, max soulstones, max upgrades) Strengths: High Damage Output, Sister Buffs […]

Privateer Press Weekly Roundup: 9-15-2013

Another week and Privateer is back and at em, with a bunch of newly unveiled models.  Time to take a look. Flame Bringers (Menoth) Perforators (Convergence) Optifex Directive (Convergence) Beast Mistress (Legion) Blighted Nyss Legionnaires (Legion) Last but not least, the first add-on for HIGH COMMAND: The Big Guns Bolster your armies with The Big […]

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