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Secret Weapon – Tablescape Modular Terrain Tiles

It’s time to take a look at some of the brand new Tablescapes Tiles from Secret Weapon:  Let’s go! First off, here’s the basics from Secret Weapon on the new tiles: Tablescapes Tiles (Set of 24) $249.99 Tablescapes Tiles are themed series’ of 1X1 ft injection molded HIPS plastic tile terrain. Each carefully crafted tile […]

Starting Up Malifaux: Hired Swords

“A sword never kills anybody, it is a tool in the killer’s hand” -Lucius Annaeus Seneca Hired Swords Boxset 101 Model Count: 7 (Viktoria of Ashes, Viktoria of Blood, Student of Conflict, Taelor, 3 Ronin) Points Playable in Box: Up to 46 (All 7 models, max soulstones, max upgrades) Strengths: High Damage Output, Sister Buffs […]

Origin of the Tyranid Species?- The First Haruspex

Way back in the 1990’s the newest wave of Tyranids models were originally hatched.With the release of Epic series of games, a lot of models were created for each faction of 40k in to fill the vast tabletops of this game. Chief among these for the Tyranids were the Exocrine, Haruspex, Dominatrix, and Malefactor models […]

Privateer Press Weekly Roundup: 9-15-2013

Another week and Privateer is back and at em, with a bunch of newly unveiled models.  Time to take a look. Flame Bringers (Menoth) Perforators (Convergence) Optifex Directive (Convergence) Beast Mistress (Legion) Blighted Nyss Legionnaires (Legion) Last but not least, the first add-on for HIGH COMMAND: The Big Guns Bolster your armies with The Big […]