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Tactics: Shaltari Tribes – Battlegroup Selection

Randall Madden 7 Minute Read January 22

The Shaltari return this week for another look at tactics. This time – Battlegroup selection. Welcome back for the third instalment in the Shaltari Tribes tactics series. Today we’re going to discuss the proper construction and usage of Battlegroups. While this topic applies to all armies, we’re going to be looking more specifically at how […]

Dropzone Tactics: Meet the Shaltari Tribes

Randall Madden 7 Minute Read January 8

A happy new year to you all, Dropzone fans! Today we kick off our first faction-specific tactics article, with the sneaky Shaltari Tribes! I still remember the exact moment when I decided I wanted to play Shaltari Tribes. I read through the rules system for Shaltari Gates, and stopped myself, scratching my head and saying, […]

DropZone Commander Tactics: Shaltari – Muster Your Forces!

Q Nguyen 3 Minute Read October 28

    The Protoss/Eldar of the DzC Universe!  How to start building a Shaltari army! Note: Army lists were made with Fighting Forces of the Reconquest. In a previous post, we gave some ideas on how to build a PHR army… let’s turn our focus to the Shaltari.  The below is a list that uses […]

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