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Review – Iron Kingdoms: Murder in Corvis Novella

Courtesy of Privateer Press Digital. Used with Permission. Richard Lee Byers’s Murder in Corvis is a lively advertisement for the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game in the best kind of ways.Murder in Corvis is a novella following four individuals: Milo Boggs, the rogue alchemist, Gardek Stonebrow, the trollkin bounty hunter, Eilish Garrity, the magic-wielding detective, and Colbie Sterling, […]

Review – “Into the Storm” by Larry Correia

Courtesy of Privateer Press Digital. Used with Permission. Larry Correia’s version of the Dirty Dozen set in the Iron Kingdoms is a story of absolution and brotherhood. Into the Storm is a novella from Skull Islands Expeditions, the digital delivery arm of Privateer Press’s fiction engine. It is largely a story of rejects, misfits, and miscreants brought […]

Review: Level 7 – Danger Close by Nathan E. Meyer

Courtesy of Privateer Press Digital. Used with Permission. Skull Island Expeditions has released its first entry in the Level 7 universe with a surprisingly entertaining short story of violent contact between humanity and a new alien menace.  Before reading Level 7: Danger Close, my familiarity with the Level 7 franchise was tangential at best. I had a […]

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Review – Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season 1

Courtesy of Privateer Press Digital. Used with Permission. Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season 1 gives you eighteen unique glances at life (and death) in Western Immoren.A Skorne Praetorian earns a place of honor through glorious death in battle. A Khadoran mechanik braves the perils of the battlefield to keep the warjacks in his charge up and running. […]

Review – The Warcaster Chronicles: Blood and Iron

Skull Island Expeditions has released the third volume of the The Warcaster Chronicles series, entitled Blood and Iron, succeeding the Hugo-nominated novella, The Butcher of Khardov. Does Chris A. Jackson’s tale live up to its legacy?This review will contain no spoilers from Blood and Iron, but may contain minor spoilers from earlier stories, specifically The Shae Mutiny […]

Privateer Press: Lock & Load Staff Panel Review

Privateer Press spilled the beans on the upcoming year at Lock & Load!  There is SO MUCH to look at!On Friday night, Privateer Press held their Staff Panel as a part of the Lock & Load game fest with some interesting news about upcoming products from the Level 7, Warmachine, and Iron Kingdoms RPG lines. […]

Review – The Warlocks Saga: Mutagenesis

In their continuing series of novels, short stories, and novellas about the Iron Kingdoms, Skull Islands Expeditions has released their second book of The Warlocks Saga, entitled Mutagenesis.Mutagenesis, written by Orrin Grey, is effectively the origin story of the Legion of Everblight, which many know began with the escaped slave ogrun, Thagrosh. While slavery is […]

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