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Deathstars Part One: Vampire Counts

Deathstars Part One: Vampire Counts By Revenant Yes, they do exist. And they are quite intimidating if you have never faced them before. In this four part article series I will describe some of the more popular deathstars and how to fight them on the field.The three deathstar army books are Vampire Counts, Dark Elves, […]

Warhammer Tactica: Undead Tarpit

Undead Tar pitbyRevenant This goes out to all the VC/TK players. Are dragons eating your zombies for breakfast? Does the Bloodthirster’s Str7 firestorm blade make your lightchariots seem less then stellar. Today I am showing you how to tarpit big lone character models. What I mean by tarpit is: to hold them up for a […]

WFB ARMYLIST: Vampire Counts

Iamaddj here, I’ve been playing Vampire Counts for about 11 years now and I am always looking for new and interesting takes on the army. So I’ve been playing around with some new builds. One of the piece of old VC fluff that has always intrigued me is the story of Heinrich Kemmler Lichemaster and […]

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