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Victoria Lamb Miniatures

Minis Review: Victoria Miniatures New Heavy Artillery!

SC Mike 7 Minute Read November 9

Hi, Sc Mike here from Santa Cruz Warhammer. Recently Victoria Miniatures sent me a box of new resin heavy weapons for the Imperial Guard for review. I have always loved her commitment to one specific army (Guard) and the quality keeps getting better and better…. For our review, my two co- writers, SC John and […]

Bits Review: A Call to Arms – Rating the Best Bits

Billy Pistole 6 Minute Read July 15

Today we are going to look at a bunch of bits companies and decide who really makes the best arms! Normally I just review various bits I get and try to show people whats out there and how it is usable to the average 40k player.  I decided to do something different this time around.  […]

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