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INFINITY: A Look at Factions Part 2: Yu Jing

 Keeping the train rolling, time to take a look at the second greatest  power in the Human Sphere…one that  is  just itching to become top dog.((DISCLAIMER: Of course, the N3  rulebook was released online before the  first  part  of this series was scheduled to go up, and  in the  holiday rush, I didn’t  manage to […]

Infinity Joins the Gamewire – Exclusive Mini Preview!

Today we would like to welcome Corvus Belli to the BoLS Gamewire.  Check out the new exclusive mini they shared with the community, and head on over to the Gamewire for details: Quick and unexpected is the definition of the Raiden unit’s attacks, as it is with the destructive power of Japanese lightning. The task […]

Infinity – Battle Report -JSA vs Haqq (MUST SEE)

Time for another must-see battle report, as MascisMan brings his freshly painted Haqqislam to tussle with the fury of my Japanese Sectorial Army in a 300pt showdown.  With the wrapper just off the new Infinity Tournament System 2014 missions, we decided to test one out. We randomly rolled between a few missions we liked the look […]