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40K Lore: Know Your Missiles & Rockets of the Grimdark

Larry Vela 5 Minute Read October 21

From the crude Ork Rokkit to the sophisticated Tau SMS, death rains down across the Dark Millennium. via Lexicanum Portable Missile Launchers Imperial Missile Launchers Astartes Missile Launcher (Soundstrike-Pattern) Astartes Missile Launcher Proteus-Pattern Missile Launcher The standard Locke-pattern Imperial missile launcher has a built in targeting device and is fired from the shoulder. It is a single […]

40K Editorial: The Future’s So Bright…

Larry Vela 2 Minute Read September 11

GW has been releasing 40K products at a breakneck speed. What happens when they “catch up”? BoLS Lounge member Just Me thinks there are great things ahead: By Just Me Everyone has been taken aback by the rapid-fire release (and re-release) schedule GW has been using with 7th edition, it’s a big departure and sometimes […]

Details Emerge from Warhammer 40,000 Open Day

Larry Vela 4 Minute Read July 22

A more detailed report of what GW has been up too has emerged from this weekend’s event. a report from the Lounge’s energongoodie Panels and Seminars Sunday morning we were there bright and early for the 40k Open Day. We all queued up, got our lanyards and went in. We booked our places at the seminars, […]

40k – 7th Inspirations – Unlocking Our Dream Armies!

Guest Columnist 3 Minute Read June 4

Some armies are just too awesome not to exist… But the magic of 7th Edition makes miracles possible! Badrukk here, with more musings brought on by the squig-brain implant. BLOG plug incoming.I was mulling over a modified version of Kill-Team I’m working on, and I found myself throwing together lists for armies that are now […]

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