PLAY AID: Macharian Crusade

OK, everybody, I have something very special today. You’ve all been waiting for it, and at long last it’s here. Myself, Mkerr, Aventine, Jwolf, Bulwark, and many, many others have wrapped up the Macharian Crusade campaign book. Within its 136 pages you will find a set of rules to allow you all to play games during the greatest Imperial Crusade in the last 10,000 years.

Here is the link to download the 13mb Adobe Acrobat file for the rule-set.

Download Here

Note: This book is specifically designed for 2-page book style printing and viewing. If you want to open it in Acrbat, please make sure you set your options to view 2-page spreads “2-up”, and “show cover page during 2-up”. I strongly recommend taking this down to a local printer and getting it printed out front and back and bound. You won’t be sorry.

Within you will find the history of the Macharian Crusade, rules for each of the Imperial Guard Army Groups and other major combatants, new doctrines, and wargear. A large set of new Named Characters offers something to every player and modeler out there. There are also time lines, and suggestions for using other codices in your games.

We have included a full color hobby section, a full campaign, a dozen Apocalypse formations, and several new units and Army Lists such as the Rogue Traders. Here are a few teaser pictures of battles, maps, and Independent Characters to whet your appetite.

Is it perfect or comprehensive? No, but I hope this serves as a starting point to get your creative juices flowing and give groups of Imperial Guard enthusiasts a mutual set of rules they can use to start modeling and playing games.

~Its been a long time coming guys. Enjoy, and by all means, leave comments.
UPDATE: v1.51 is out with lots of fixes. As always, thanks for helping us catch these things guys! I promise that will be the last version for a while.

  • WarhawkTheGreat

    WOOOOOO! I can’t wait to try this out this week! It’ll be awesome!

  • I am again in awe, good job guys you bring so much the the hobby.

  • Anonymous

    Huzzah! It’s here!


  • Wow, just wow guys. Great job, this hobby was a darker place before BOLS came into the light.

  • Anonymous

    Nicley presented. Couple of questions:

    1. The font on page 3. What is that font?

    2. Do you guys do your own art?

    3. How do you make your Apoc Datasheets?


  • Anonymous

    One other question:

    Why no Captain Al’rahem?


  • Anonymous

    “saucer shaped hulls”, “phased lasers” and torpedoes? Sounds like good ole macharius took out some trekkies on Ardantis V (page 16), gotta love that.

  • Lord

    Haven’t read it yet, but why do I get the feeling I’m going to be tempted to do a Guard army after this?

  • Lord_Caerolion

    Sorry, that above one was by me. Damn “enter” key being hit before I finished my name… *begins grumbling

  • Dear lord, this is EPIC WIN.

    Just finished a good skim-read – So much awesome, and so many obtuse references and hidden jokes. I am in awe.

    Though a few of the characters do look a tad too powerful. Monash, for instance. That many shots, at BS5 with move-and-fire is downright obscene.

    Still awesome overall, though. *applauds*

  • Scruff

    Huzzah! Age of Heresy made me build a Hydra Company (complete with detachment of 4 Fellblades). This will help me form my Traitors and Renegades detachment besides them!

  • Very impressive work. I like the detail and history. You show your love for the game and the guard.


    I have been inspired to spend more money…

    Time for a guard army.

  • Desaster

    OMG, I love it!
    Thank you very much for all the effort!

  • Wow.. I could say that for a fan made publication, this kicks mondo ass… but that would be doing this an injustice.

    Let me put it this way. If this thing cost me the price of a codex or other GW supplement, I’d still consider it money well spent.

    Nice going guys. GW could take some notes.

  • Admiral Halsey

    The borrowed quotes, and the lovely Alexander the great theme made the book an awesome read. It has renewed my love of guard, it does make me wish I could have more Xenos orks to crush.

    My thanks for taking the time to prepare such a labour as love.

    I like nearly everyone else who posts here, do wish frequently that this quality of matrial appeared with more frequency from GW, and would without hesitation make you write the next 40k expansion.

    (And congratulations for shoehorning in the picture of the finished capital Imperialis. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  • Terr

    Bleh, now I need to buy gaurd (and I’m not done daemons yet…)

    Great job guys!

  • Thank you guys. Amazing work. Yours has rapidly become my fav 40k website. Keep it up!

  • Nosuchmethod

    Oh my god I fuckin love you guys.

    Not that that’s news or anything….
    We have our campaign opening day this weekend, I was praying it would be out in time!

  • I lack the words to properly credit this piece of art, but

    1) your love for the game can be seen in every detail of the book, and

    2) I nearly laughed my head off when reading the section on Masta Blasta, especially when reading the quote. Seriously, feeding bomb squigs into a Shok Attakk Gun can only be considered a bright idea by an Ork. Again, love in details.

    Either way, you inspired me on what to do with all my unpainted Orkz. =)

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion, some of those special characters are a little on the cheap side, especially those that allow the player to influence deployment. other than that, this book is amazing, and it has given me the motivation to start a new IG army ( I already have 3, but one more can’t hurt). Thanks BoLS!


  • Superb guys, this is going to keep me busy the rest of the day. Looks great so far, thanks for all the hard work and energy you put into this!


  • Anonymous

    Wow, the Commando film quote made me LOL in work..then my boss comes over has a look and laughs even louder!
    damm now i want a catachan army just so i can use him heheh ๐Ÿ˜€

  • FerociousBeast

    Congratulations! I haven’t had a chance to look through it yet, but great work! I know you all have worked very hard on this.

    Outside of GW, you guys are probably the most influential and important developers of content around for the game. Thanks for all your efforts!

  • Anonymous

    I’m stoked it’s finally out, thanks guys, I know what I’m doing today!

  • words fail me. This is awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to all of you at BoLS. These projects, big and small, show a love of the game that inspires the rest of us.

  • Sweet. The Macharian Crusade book and a new Firebase… I won’t be getting much work done this morning… thought the company printer might…

  • TheMightyFlip

    Got to say, this book reads better than most GW codex’s. Great to see my Imperial Guard regiment in there.

    One thing though, who is this Philip Thompson in the thanks section and why has he stole my name? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Superb timing BoLS team. I can’t wait to sit down and look over the fruits of your labor.

    If any of these comments are to be judged by, this Monday is going to be very unproductive for those with jobs that have access to a computer.

    I’d reckon many people are gonna be distracted by Macharian Crusade and Firebase Issue 7!

  • Anonymous


  • Astonishing work fellas. Truly.

    Worth every minute of the wait.

    Viva La Scourge!


  • Whirlwinds for Black Templars! Huzzah! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Amazing job guys!!!
    Cheers … from Costa Rica.

  • TorogTarkdacil

    “Casualities: many, percentage of death: not known, combat efficiency: we are winning.”
    +++Marshal Hollweg, Death Korps of Krieg, 1st Army, macharian Crusade+++

    Whoooraaaaaaaaaaaah! Beutiful thing, history is nice, always have weakness for house-rules and own special characters. Love Marshal Hollweg, why don´t you give him higher WS? (kriegs are hardned fighters after all:D), also thanks for house revivsion of Die-Hards

    By the way, where have you found idea of “Terran-Household” Guard? Bolter equiped stormies and guard land speeders remind me days of Rouge Trader.

    Arch-maniac of Calvera is badass.

    Good Work.

    Oh, will you come with some other Guard supplement (Sabbat World Crusade? Kholdas War?:D) when new guard dex comes?:)

    Gloria Macharius (aaaa one other suggestion, aren´t you intresed in running and remaking Krieg Civil War?:D)

  • Excellent work, guys. Thanks for putting out the effort!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, great work!

  • Anonymous

    Tt looks awesome, but one thing, Black Templars don’t have devastator comapnies.

    Other than that, great job.

  • Kayle

    You guys are an inspiration and what you do for this hobby is nothing short of astounding. Thanks for your hard work. I love the new special characters and their little portraits.

  • Plain awesome. It’s an understatement but words cannot express it. At times like this I can be proud of being a Guard player!

  • Gamete

    Wow, you guys have made me want to start a light-horse/die-hards army.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that your version of die-hards will quickly be adopted as a house rule by the group I play with.

    Thanks for the awesome supplement!

  • Dae

    Overall excellent – no, wait, that still doesn’t do it justice!

    Seriously, it’s jaw-dropping. Words fail me.

    Artwork, background, rules, the 40k universe really is here. And for once, the Guards are the heroes. Truly epic.

  • Anonymous

    Why is the Masta Blasta so good for so cheap? He never misses! Its always Str 8!. Very UnOrky!

    Also how does the 6th army group commander work with blast weapons? or if there are more than 2 squads? Who decides where they go?

  • Anonymous

    This is the most awesome piece of work I saw ever!

  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for the kind words. As you can imagine, we put a lot of time and love into the campaign book.

    It is intended as a setting for games, so we hope lots of folks will use it for friendly games, even if you don’t want to try to play the entire campaign.

    We tried to proof it as much as possible, but with anything of this size, I’m sure some little things got through.

    Have a blast, and let us know if you guys see any thing that seem odd.


  • This is some fantastic work, and even more reason for me to start a guard army once my Imperial Fists are finished. Thanks to everyone involved for putting out some great work, I will be anxious to give this a try!

  • TheMightyFlip

    Well first thing I noticed was the use of Solar as a name. Lord Solar is a rank, another title for Warmaster.

  • Anonymous

    Well done guys. I regularly visit your website and am continually impressed with the amount to which you guys are willing to contribute back into the hobby. I hope you keep up the good work for many years to come.

  • Anonymous

    BoLS rocks! Thanks guys!

  • Between Batman and the Macharian Crusade I just don’t know if this week can handle any more awesome!

  • we love you guys…

    and 40k owes you money!!!!

  • Da Orks!

    Waaagh! Dis is great! Youz boyz did a real gud job ‘ere wit da words and da piktures. Da Calverna Orkz iz da best, all boomin and explody! Tanks fer all da hard werk!

  • SSG Snuffy


    I’m at work, so I don’t have any source material with me… but I think Lords Solar are referred to that way out of respect for Macharius – sort of a lasting tribute, if you will.

  • Anonymous

    ima turn my orks into calveraboyz rofl, …and whats the ministorium?

  • Anonymous

    ima turn my orks into calveraboyz lol. but whats the ministorium?

  • @anon

    “The Adeptus Ministorum, also known as the Ministorum or Ecclesiarchy, is the Church of the God-Emperor. The Adeptus Ministorum exists to regulate the many faiths that exist throughout the vast Imperium and ensure that the values of Emperor-worship are protected from perversion, while other faiths are violently stamped out.”

  • Anonymous

    Just skimmed it, and love it.
    p91: what would be the points cost be for a Rough Rider command company?
    and what would be the options?
    The only source for a command rough rider squad point tally that I know of is in the IA5 DKOK army lists, and those take into account xenos mounts, and DKOK hardness.

    Thanks bunches. Now start on the next one. Immediately.

  • Anonymous

    loved reading it. great job. wish we had more 40k players in the area for this and wish i actually had time for it.

    just outta curiosity, are you guys kicking around ideas for your next campaign book?

  • @ anon 6:09

    Praetorians get the new Doctrine Light Horse (p.28), that lets them mount their command squads for +5 model. All models get hunting lances.

    If you change weapons, you lose the lance (though an officer could have a PW/F in addition).

  • @Anon:
    p91: what would be the points cost be for a Rough Rider command company?
    and what would be the options?

    See the Light Horse doctrine for details (p.28)


    Fantastic, just finding some nits, but overall this is your finest work, bar none. FAB-YOO-LUSS.

    I especially like how elegantly you have handled the introduction and rules for Rogue Trader armies. Very clean, very appropriate, flexible, yet not overwhelming.


  • Mark

    That’s pretty damned impressive; kudoes to all who contributed. I’ve just got one minor gripe—-A landspeeder with a lascannon and BS 4 for 70 points?!?!?!?! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Glad you guys liked the art. It was a lot of fun drawing all these damned characters hahah.

  • Massawyrm

    I think I would have enjoyed the book a lot more if it weren’t for all that swearing. I mean honestly, until you guys learn to write without such vulgarities, I don’t think I can continue to let you whoop my sorry behind.

    That said, I’m modeling up ole one eye as we speak and will be running killteams this fall. =D

  • Anonymous

    An absolutely brilliant book. Nearly perfect, except for the odd grammatical error.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been reading BoLS every day or so for a long while now, but have never before been moved to leave a comment.

    Just wanted to say that you guys are incredibly talented, and that the work you produce is an incredible asset to the hobby. Keep up the great work, even the quiet ones out there who read BoLS but never post really appreciate what you do!

    Really cool to see the Imperialis in its final form in the spread on pages 12-13!

    As an aside, it would be really cool to have a future post “Behind the Crusade” detailing some of the techniques you guys used to put all this together. Similar to the decal tutorial, but for producing great play-aids for gaming groups.


  • Great looking play aid!

    Here’s some news about…

    -Space Marine Spearhead $244, September 20
    -Space Marine Codex $25, Oct. 4
    -Drop Pod $30, Oct. 4

  • A.R.

    Its great, i love the retro 2nd edition look to the star maps….

  • Caligula

    Hey quick question….
    The Rogue Trader retinue can take a weapon called a Blaster, but I don’t remember a weapon called just that. I’ve heard of las blasters and sonic blasters….but where do I find this Blaster?

  • @ Caligula – Dark Eldar Codex, or back of your BRB.

  • Anonymous

    re: Solar is not his name

    The first time it mentions “Major Solar Mecharius”, I don’t think that should be as a “tribute”.

  • Anonymous

    Absolute gold as expected!

    Okay, maybe a little help with some (very) minor Black Templar’s fluff but otherwise insanely awesome =)

  • SoundwaveUK

    You guys really badly need a proof reader….

  • Anonymous

    They don’t need a proof reader anymore than anyone else who publishes anything in this industry.

  • Scruff

    You’ve done guard. You’ve done marines/chaos marines.
    Next, Armageddon? All THREE wars

  • Anonymous

    cant wait to see what you come up with next ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Re: Macharius’ name

    From Wikipedia:
    Title/name confusion
    In older Imperial Guard codices, it was implied that Solar Macharius was his name, and that his rank was Lord Commander; however, revelations of “Lord Solar” being an auxiliary title for Warmaster (the latter held by the cursed traitor Horus, and thus rarely used) have led to questions as to whether “Solar” was part of his title, or part of his name. The newer Imperial Guard codex mentions the title of Lord Solar “most gloriously being held by St. Macharius,” and the actual recorded dialogue (in the older Imperial Guard codex) between him and his deputy commander, General Sejanus, refers to him as “the Lord Solar.” However, it is also possible that the rank “Lord Solar” was created after Macharius’ death in his name.

  • Kudos, gentlemen. You have done something that’s truly awesome and kickass on all levels

  • Ash

    This is really something. You guys totally pour your hearts into every one of these books you put together. Kudos to you for bringing your love of the hobby to people all over!

    I just finished up a 1500pt Pre Heresy Dark Angels army… but now you’ve got me looking at my legion of unbuilt Guard with an eye to history.

    Great Job!

  • gamete

    Massawyrm said…

    “I think I would have enjoyed the book a lot more if it weren’t for all that swearing. I mean honestly, until you guys learn to write without such vulgarities, I don’t think I can continue to let you whoop my sorry behind.”

    All that swearing?
    I counted “damn” 4 times, twice in quotes, once in reference to chaos daemons, who are literally “damned”, and one in reference to the army “Lost and the Damned”.

    Perhaps I’ve misunderstood something. If that is the swearword you’re referring to, and I can’t find any others, then you should probably be impressed that in a universe like the grim darkness of the 41st millennium they managed to limit it to only 4.

  • Anonymous

    I’m saddened to see no Inquisition love.

  • Anonymous

    Pardon, I meant DH.

  • @gamete

    I believe Massawyrm was making a joke. He wrote a 40k article for ‘Aint It Cool News’ and had several BoLS regulars complain about the vulgar content. He was just repaying the favor ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @ gamete – Massawyrm’s comment about swearing was an inside joke, relating to comments he received and an evening of humor about that. I laughed, and thanks for sticking up for me.

    @ anon 8:10 – Anywhere there are daemons, the Ordo Malleus can be found. Feel free to include Daemonhunters in any of the battles involving Daemons (Thoth is a very likely candidate). We decided not to have an Inquisitorial focus anywhere, but there are plenty of areas that make good sense to include Ordo Malleus forces.

  • Nosuchmethod

    I AM anon 810!
    Well not really, but I do have daemonhunters, who will henceforth be operating under the JWolf Mandate, as well.

  • TorogTarkdacil

    Somewhere (can´t remember where) I´ve read conclusion, that his name was Solar Macharius and title Lord Solar is obviosly named after him (and it´s de facto same rank as Warmaster)

    Realy guys, what will be your next historical attempt?:) We can´t just guess with 13 Black Crusades, 3 Wars for Armageddon, 2 Sieges of Terra (yeap age of apostasy) , several damn big seccesions (again age of apostasy), 3 tyrannic wars, so many WHAAAAGH!s… give us a clue please:)

  • well, right now we are looking at ‘Demise of the squats’ as our next grand campaign. It will be 450 full color pages of different ways that tyranids can eat a squat.
    Unfortunately, we will have to wait for Codex: Squat to be released before we can attempt this epic project.

  • Bad Bulwark! Bad! (smack)


  • re: the name Solar

    We went back and forth on this one.

    Our opinion is that (according to the traditions of his homeworld) Solar was his surname and Macharius was his given name.

    The title of “Lord Solar” came from a clerical error based confusion caused by the title upon taking the rank of Lord Commander and his family’s allodial title.

    Although the error was found within a century, the title of “Lord Solar” had already entered into the common military venacular as a auxiliary title for Warmaster.

    All administratum servitors sharing the autoscribe’s afflicted genetic material have been reassigned to the departmento munitorum.

  • ha la lew ya

  • Stad

    Aw man, I tried to get an estimate on how much it would cost to print this book. Lets just say it averaged 80-100 to get it in colour! Will have to hope there is someone out there with a cheap colour printer (I have one, but not prepared for the ink drain)

    btw, awesome@!!!

  • Anonymous

    jwolf – well, I know that you can use them if you like it, it’s just that… even WH got one hero, are mentioned at least once about their place in the campaign etc. Not that I’m saying anything bad about this – you did a damn good job with this thing – I just hoped for at least one character.

    Nosuchmethod – actually he meant me, the Anon who posted at 8:10.

  • Anonymous

    @Stad, everyone:

    you can use these guys to get your book printed.

  • Anonymous


  • Hi guys,

    BoLS will continue to put out the document PDF links for the community. You can download them at will, but we cannot accept any form of payment for them.

    I can certainly put up a general tip jar for the site if you all request it, but the PDF’s themselves are open to anyone to pull down freely.

  • Anonymous

    Great job there!

    My only problem is that the Rogue Trader seems WAY underpriced for what you get

  • Although I probably wont be able to play much of the campaign (time…), I just finished reading through the history section and I am totally, breathtakingly amazed! This is really a fantastic piece of work. Guess now I’ll have to go through the 30K Book as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you very much for giving the community so much amazing stuff.

  • Fetterkey

    This is a real good job, just one comment– why can’t the Rogue Trader take a plasma pistol? The model that you show even has one!

    Also, some of the armies were pretty “in-jokey”, but that’s okay, 40k is better when it’s silly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey scruff, can you please email the BoLS emailbox.


  • this looks amazing
    downloading for sure

    u guys doing a campaign for ur blog like you did for the heresy?

  • You bet, expect Macharian Crusade campaign coverage later this year. Same format as last year’s Heresy coverage.

    We already have @40 players building armies. Its going to be awesome!

  • UPDATE: v1.01 is out. It fixes a lot of little issues here and there.

    Now hopefully the Black Templar players will get off my back… They’re just so grim all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you plan on printing it out, I would grab it again to make sure you’re current.

  • Anonymous


    Tallarn rock!!!

    You are forcing me to start a tallarn army right now!

    You guys put so much work in the website , you should be paid.

    Anyway, are you paid?

  • Chaosgerbil

    Great job, guys.

    Don’t worry, I’m still working on the Lost & The Damned minidex so that traitors, mutants, and heretics can get some love too… before being purged with flame of course.

  • Anonymous

    @ I believe Massawyrm was making a joke. He wrote a 40k article for ‘Aint It Cool News’ and had several BoLS regulars complain about the vulgar content. He was just repaying the favor

    Favor? The comments about his vulgarity were fair and honest criticism that was actually doing him a true favor. More people would perhaps visit his site if it was more thoughtful, articulate, and less superfluously vulgar.

    While his “repayment” of the criticism was neither particularly clever nor funny, it was nice to see that he actually can type a sentence without every fourth word being a four-letter word if he really wants to do so. Perhaps he can make it a habit on his own site.

  • @Anonymous: Massawyrm is a great friend to the blog (as well as a part of our local gaming group). While you may not appreciate his comment (or the original article it references), I thought it was great.

    As far as the “more people would perhaps visit his site” comment, is one of the Top 2,500 sites on the internet for traffic. They really aren’t having a problem getting visitors — and their “edgy” style (while clearly not for you) is part of their trademark. To each his own, as they say.

    So let’s save the criticism for another forum and focus on how cool the Macharian Crusade is!

  • Stad

    Why did the templars suffer 187% causalities?

    Were they wiped out nearly twice? or cause nearly double their points in battle?

  • Anonymous

    YEEES! It’s out! Can’t wait to read it now!!!

  • Anonymous

    @ Stad
    Thats the 6th Army under General Arrian, not the Black Templars.
    Due to his poor leadership and his attitude that his troops were expendable, he had to replenish his army via the “Methalor Express” with penal troops. His own Methalor Penal Auxilia lost 264% during the Crusade, or 47,52 divisions alone.
    Now, if I just could remember how much a Division is…

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t Captain Pizarro be taken by Imperial Guard !?!

  • Well, as a Valhallan player, I feel a bit short-changed for my apoc formation. Isn’t “Hold at All Costs” redundant now because of the current rules set’s definition of a scoring unit? IE, scoring until the last man. Now, if we got the one that calls in fire on your own position, that would make sense…

  • Wigliff

    This is a beautiful piece of work, even just reading it was captivating.

    My only complaint (and not really a complaint, more like an observation) is that, although every fleet contained a contingent from the Order of the Ebon Chalice, there were no sister of note?

    I understand that this was a work for the “ground-pounders” but with Cardinal Marquette and a Deathwatch-Master present, the Adeptus Soroitus (sp) would have been driven by faith to acts of heroism.

  • Anonymous

    All that I can say is… warm feeling…so happy…

  • @Anonymous:

    “Why can’t Captain Pizarro be taken by Imperial Guard !?!”

    “Isn’t “Hold at All Costs” redundant now because of the current rules set’s definition of a scoring unit?”

    “although every fleet contained a contingent from the Order of the Ebon Chalice, there were no sister of note?”

    Thanks for the comments! We’ll see what we can do to address them!

  • My interpretation of Hoold at all costs is that it still works fine in 5th.

    In 4th edition the asset was valuable because units counted as scoring down to the last model.

    In 5th its valuable because it states every non-vehicle unit in the formation datasheet is now scoring for mission purposes (even if they are not Troops).

    So the area of advantage just moved, but is still there.

  • Anonymous

    Is there any way to get a list of the pages that have changed from ver 1.0 to ver 1.2 . I printed 3 copies out and was hopeing to just replace the pages that need updated.

    Thanks for all of the great work. You guys are truly awesome.


  • Also, Can we get it changed on teh pdf to indicate version. 1.2 is released, but the download link still indicates 1.0.

    I assume its the updated link but its hard to tell.

    BTW, seriously great stuff guys!

  • Anonymous

    Outstanding work!! Is there any place to see the converted models from the hobby section? They are awesome and deserve to be seen in 3-view detail, IMHO! Please put some of them up if at all possible. Thanks! Keep it up!

  • Anonymous

    you are the best guys!
    keep on orocking and show off to GW..
    they can learn something.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    people great work!!!

    BUT PLEASE PLEASE CAN YOU UPDATE THE LINK!!!!!!!! it still indicates to v 1.0 and as i play sisters i am really frustrated! (for ebon chalice named.c and i also play ebon chalice)
    so please update the linky!

  • wow. just got into reading it and now we’re for sure gonna play. the rogue trader list is pure WIN and the art in the book is great. im scared to death of bomba boyz.

    great job guys!

  • Allan


    How did you make the miniatures for the following regiments: Sovrus 123rd, Umgah 49th and St. Josmane’s hope Jackals?

  • @Anonymous:
    “i play sisters i am really frustrated! (for ebon chalice named.c and i also play ebon chalice)”

    I’m planning on putting together a few extra pages for the non-Imperial Guard “good guys”, including a priory of Sisters of Battle.

    I also plan on releasing a few extra pages of “bad guys” too.

    Let me know if you have any requests!

  • WalksInTheDarkness

    There is nothing quite liking hunting down enemy named characters so it’d be great to have a few more xenos additions, even if they are only there to be targets for sniper teams!

    Some form of bodyguard for the Grub Mother (a la Starship Troopers) would be awesome. Something that actually moves around the board rather than just eating troops would be pretty cool.

    A few named daemons on Thoth would be nice too. (Mind you the codex Daemons characters could probably cover those bases too!)

  • @WalksInTheDarkness

    “There is nothing quite liking hunting down enemy named characters so it’d be great to have a few more xenos additions, even if they are only there to be targets for sniper teams!

    Some form of bodyguard for the Grub Mother (a la Starship Troopers) would be awesome. Something that actually moves around the board rather than just eating troops would be pretty cool.”

    A few named daemons on Thoth would be nice too. (Mind you the codex Daemons characters could probably cover those bases too!)

    I like the idea of expanding the xenos forces (especially the suggestion of named daemons from Thoth).

    I’ll see what I can work up!

  • Anonymous

    I really loved the Macharaian Crusade (got it printed at a local copyshop) and I’m looking forward to see you guys expanding and updating it, but could you maybe make a list what has changed? Something like a patch log ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    Great work guys, I enjoyed reading that, but I think you made one rather large mistake:

    The Genswick Rifles come from the Gaunt’s ghosts novel “Strait Silver” where the Tanith first and only are sent to world of Aexe Cardinal, where the local forces from that planet fight with very primitive solid shot weapons. The resualt of this poor techknowlagy has been a trench war against chaos lasting for 40 years. The Genswick rifles are one of the local regiments. They are NOT a guard army. Also, the events on Aexe Cardinal happen nearly 800 years after the Macharian Crusade. I accept that the Genswick rifles could have become an IG regement after the trench war ended, but not 800 years before. I would suggest simply changing the name of the regiment in the campaign book to get around this problem, to something else that sounds suitably backwards and medieval.

  • Actually the original Genswick Rifles came from the mind of Dave Taylor; GW’s community manager. Dave is a great chap and helped us out tremendously so they are a callout to his efforts.

    While we know Dave’s stunning converted army had been immortilized in the novels, we just had to include them as a tribute to him.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, so I suppose that the appearance of the Genswick Rifles in the novel just had the same name and stuff and have nothing else to do with the Guard army in the campaign. That seems fair. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Its just that, when your doing a big thing like a supplement you want to make sure that canon like that makes sense.

    I noticed the Byzant Janizers from the Horus Heresy are also in the campaign. They could just be the same regiment 9 millenia later though.

  • Anonymous

    Hi guys great job you did there!
    I have just one question
    how did you make the miniatures for the St. Jonesman´s Jackals
    I need to know pleese
    Greetings from Portugal

  • SgtWolf

    one quick question about Merican Fusilier.

    Wouldn’t mind to do a comp of those guys, though it does mean that you can take 3 grenadiers (stormtroopers as troop) upgrade them with bolters and does the same with your 3 elite stormtroopers right?

    But the “company” HQ will just have well… lasguns for the guys escorting the captain. (if you exclude the guys having heavy weapons or special weapons)

    Am I right or am I totaly lost?

  • Anonymous

    Hi just one question can the guard in the Rogue Trader army list take Doctrines or are they like Guard in a DH or WH army

  • Anonymous

    Good night from France

    Congratulations on this very nice job that the Campaign Book: Macharian Crusade.

    I wanted to know, page 34, in the new unit: Rogue trader Retinue, is that option Missile launcher, is it Eldar or Imperium?

  • Which stats for tanks (Armoured Battlegroup) sould I take? From newest IG codex, or IA:1 ?

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know if sections of this book will be redone because of the new imperial guard codex?