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Slaanesh Is Back For AoS Second Edition

Well, at least imprisoned in a shadowy nether-realm between Ulgu and Hysh where the dark prince of pleasure is divested of all the souls he consumed in the world-that-was. But you know, that’s something.

GW: New Pre-Orders – Harlequins & Webway “Pricing & Links”

A new challenger from the Webway has appeared! The Harlequins are here and they are bringing the Webway Gate with them!

Tabletop Gallery: Patience is a Virtue

2019 is only 7 months away…

D&D: Crime In The Streets – This Goes Deep. Waterdeep.

Crime comes to the mean streets of Waterdeep. Can your players some the mystery? Find out in the Rats of Waterdeep.

Star Wars: Force And Destiny – Unlimited Power Preview

Fantasy Flight Games expands on the potential for ‘Unlimited Power’ in your games of Star Wars: Force and Destiny. Today we learn about ‘The Living Force’ and what that means for both the Light and the Dark.

Geekery: High Speed is the Name of the Game in Robot-Sumo

  In robot-sumo (aka pepe-sumo) two robots try to push one another out of a ring – just like in the human sport. Sumobots are fast, super agile, and feature weapons that they hope will eject their opponent out of competition.

BATTLETECH: Review 2.0 – It’s Go Time

BATTLETECH for PC is out and has had a few patches since it’s launch. I’m not sure what they updated, but it’s running like a champ now and I can’t get enough!

40K Rumors: More Imperial Knight Household Rules

The rumor-mill is spinning up with more Imperial Knight Household Rules. It’s time to fire-up those Knights and drop in.

GW: Warhammer Citadel Opening Delayed

Games Workshop had to post-pone the opening of the Warhammer Citadel. That’s the bad news. Fortunately, they decided to host a Warhammer Weekend instead – and it sounds like a blast!

Star Wars: X-Wing 2.0 New Rebel Conversion Kit Showcased

Fantasy Flight Games popped the box on the new Star Wars: X-Wing Rebel Conversion Kits and showed off a TON of new cards. Come take a look at the changes coming your way.

HOBBY: The Bigboss’ Week of Blogging #162

  My Dwarf Blood Bowl team is finally finished and I have yet another weird Genestealer hybrid in the works!

GW: New Pre-Orders First Looks -The Harlequins Are Here

The Players are assembled and the mysterious dance of the Harlequin Troupe is about to begin. Codex Harlequins are out and they are bringing a few friends along for the show.

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