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Mantic: ‘Hellboy’ Kickstarted & Funded Within First Hours

Hellboy: The Board Game from Mantic has a new Kickstarter up and running – it’s already been massively over funded! Get ready to score some unlocks and join in the Co-op fun.

Tabletop Gallery: Imperial Entanglements

What do you mean we can’t go to light speed?!

Mynock Squadron: Worlds Procrastination Special

  X-Wing Pilots: all wings report in! We break down possibilities for Worlds squads. (Or for your next local event.)

Geekery: Movies to Look Forward To This Summer

  Infinity War kicks off this year’s blockbuster season tomorrow. Check out what else you have to look forward to – beyond the superheroes there’s some good looking sci-fi, classic action movies, horror, and comedies on the schedule.

STREAMING NOW – Dark Apocrypha “Eldar vs Imperium TITAN-FIGHT!”

Deep in the heart of the Enigmus Sector a Warhound and Revenant titan square off with full armies to back them up.

ToyLand: New Iron Spider Fig from Sideshow

  This 1:6th scale fig features Peter’s new, high tech suit that debuts in theaters across the globe tomorrow. It’s ready to spring into action with nearly 30 points of articulation and fight Thanos with web-shooters and golden pincers.

40K: Extending Threat with Drukhari Obsidian Rose

The Drukhari ability to mix and match detachments can give you access to some pretty powerful combos that can change the way you build and play your army.  Take a look.

40K FAQ: ‘The Soup Is Fine’ – Battle Brothers Beta Rules

In an attempt to limit Soup lists, Games Workshop created the new Battle Brother Beta rule. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really do much to stop the soup from being “just as tasty as ever.” It’s time to go back to the drawing board.

40K Rumors: Deathwatch & Harlequins Getting Some Love

The rumor mill is spinning up with some new info on the Deathwatch and Harlequins. Get ready for a Primaris upgrade and some new ways to get your clowns into the action!

Star Wars X-Wing: Saw’s Renegades Preview

Saw Gerrera has some plans for a Rebellion of his own. Today Fantasy Flight Games is showing off how he is taking the fight to the empire with his brand of renegades!

Pathfinder: The Blood of the Ancients Runs Deep

  Draw upon the power of Golarion’s past with the latest Player’s Guide for Pathfinder. Blood of the Ancients has player options themed around forgotten civilizations and lost legacies, so harness the past to conquer the present and rule the future.

Tabletop Spotlight: Marvel Contest of Champions Battlerealm

We’ve all had those arguments of who would win between this hero and that hero. Finally settle those disputes in the Battlerealm!

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