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Retro: Do You Have the Master Balls To Be a ‘Pokémon Master Trainer’?

  We all want to be the very best, like no one ever was.  But maybe the Pokémon Master Trainer board game will be our real test.

Geekery: Netflix’s ‘Anon’ – A World Without Anonymity or Crime

  Murder, brain hacking, identity, and a conspiracy are at the center of this new dystopian flick starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried. Check out the new trailer.

STREAMING NOW – Dark Apocrypha “Serpent & the Blade”

Deep in the heart of the Enigmus Sector the Emperor’s Children have grown too bold.  The Adeptus Custodes strike with vengeance!

ToyLand: A Velociraptor Attacks in New LEGO Set

  As part of its new collection of Jurassic World sets, LEGO dug back in time and the iconic velociraptor chase from the original movie.

40K: ‘Astartes’ Is The New Soup Of The Day

The FAQ hobbled those Soup Lists, right? Well…not exactly. Heretic and Adeptus Astartes are still more than able to party-down in the same detachment. Here are Five “Soupy Combos” that are still totally legal.

40K: Don’t Fear The Gunline

The Death of ‘Deepstrike’ is a big, scary change for a lot of those melee-centric armies out there and Gunlines are coming back in fashion. Should melee units return to the shelf to gather dust or should they welcome the return of the static gunline?

FW Preview: House Orlock Hired Gun & Cyber-Mastiff

Forge World is letting the dogs out with the latest Hire Gun for Necromunda. It’s a House Orlock Merc and he’s bringing a faithful friend along for the bounty. I just hope you packed some Scooby Snacks for this four-legged fiend!

Mantic Talks Throwing the Bones in HELLBOY

  Hellboy is coming to Kickstarter soon, so take a tour of how dice work in the game from Mantic.

Wyrd: Abyssinian Marauders Roar Onto the Battlefield

  The Marauders use their fast motorcycles to get behind enemy lines. They disrupt supply lines and end their ability to bring in reinforcements.

Goatboy’s 40K Thoughts: Is This Edition 8.75 Now?

  Goatboy here again and today we are chatting about some of the winners and losers of the recent FAQ. Let the cries of joy and the rain or tears begin!

D&D: Designs, Drafting, Discussion, and Dragon+ Pt. 2

  It takes a lot to transform an idea from concept to rules mechanic–come watch as Jeremy Crawford, lead rules designer for D&D talks about taking the Order Domain through the design process.

40K RUMORS: Imperial Knights New Models Latest

  The Imperial Knight rumor mill is working overtime. Here’s the latest info doing the rounds.

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