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October 25, 2014

Hordes: Trollbloods in Exigence

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Let's talk some more about Exigence. This time it's Trollbloods in the spotlight.

40K RUMORS: Blood Angels's Tidbit

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Some chatter is out there regarding the Blood Angels.  Here's the latest on the Sons of Sanguinius:

The Emperor's Beard #17: Outnumbered

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If only he had a beard - he might have blended in...

UNBOXING - Nurgle Putrid Blightkings

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The Lord of Rot's newest servants are here, and boy do they look good, er I mean bad..

October 24, 2014

40K Here Comes the Dracosan!

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What carries 20 troops, is tough as nails and is armed to the gills?  Chimeras galaxywide shudder in shame!

Wargames Gallery 10-24-14

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Nurglings love a good sacking
Caption contest - GO!

WOW! WFB/40K: Glottkin (& More) Arrives

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Nurgle's Emissaries are ready for you now...  Also 40K get's some love this week from GW:

GW Retro Corner: Inquisitor

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Today we look at 2001's 54mm Skirmish-RPG mashup - Inquisitor.  Heresy lies ahead!

Privateer Press Weekly Releases 10-24-2014

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Privateer Press' latest weekly releases are in stores NOW. Here come the Warlocks!

Outside the Box 10-24-14

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Hello everybody and welcome to another issue of Outside the Box. This week we have new Infinity previews, the official Malifaux terrain range, the worst scum of the (X-Wing) universe and much more - Enjoy!

40k What If • Ferrus Manus versus Fulgrim

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40k What If - Where Angels Fear to Tread.  An alternative view of the Climax of the Dropzone Massacre

End Times II: Secret GW Messages on The Gardener & The Mark of Sigmar

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Just as we saw from End Times I, Games Workshop is dropping hints in "invisible ink" of the events of Book II:

40k Tactica - Mastering Catacomb Command Barges in 10 Easy Steps

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While they may not be as prevalent as they were back at the debut of 7th Edition,  a Necron Lord in Catacomb Command Barge still seems to be a solid unit!

October 23, 2014

VIDEO GAMES: Warhammer 40,000 Space Wolf and Regicide Latest

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Get a look at the latest 40K videogames right here. The developers are showing off!

Wargames Gallery 10-23-14

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Show off pilots!
"Top Gun" quote-a-thon - GO!

Maggoth Lords: The Movie by GW

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GW MovieStar Duncan Rhodes shows the right proper GW way to paint up the impressive new Putrid Blightkings and Nurgle Basing!

Dropzone Commander: The Commanders, Part I

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The brain in the body that is a Dropzone force! Today we begin a discussion of those valuable Commanders, their role in the army, and the tactics they best employ.

40k Review: The Talon of Horus by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

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Aaron Dembski-Bowden delivers a solid first chapter in the ”Black Legion” series, but one that is not without some serious flaws.

The DiRT - 3rd Edition's Most Basic Changes and What they Mean for Infinity Meta (Part 1)

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Infinity 3rd Edition is an Infinity of a different color.  So many changes announced, and the book is not even out yet!

WOW - Glottkin is Amazing & Adorable Nurglings!

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Glottkin is only hours away from your credit card - the allure of Nurgle is strong...

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