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BTGOA: Isorian Phase Squad A & B & Individuals

Come and take a look at the Isorian Phase Squads, now available as a bundle or as individuals from Warlord Games. Take your troops Beyond the Gates of Antares.

P3 Painting – Guardians of the Crucible and Satyxis Scarlets

Get ready to get painting with these tutorial videos. We’ve got one to help finish the details on your Satyxis solos, and another paint-along that takes you through a swath of Crucible Guard.

Next Week From GW – Luring In The Idoneth Deepkin

The Third Wave of the Deepkin surges forth next week, bringing with it the magic of the Isharann and some deadly new heroes that will drown your foes in the Ethersea.

40K Animations Redux – This Time It’s Video Games

From fan-made animations to cut-scenes for video games, 40K has some truly astounding cinematics out there. Today we visit the professional side of things and take a look at 40K movies that were officially licensed.

Privateer Press – Blighted Trollkin, Black Ogrun Belchers, and Misery

Prepare yourself, not only are the Satyxis setting sail, they are joined by the bigger, beefier forces of the Cryx fleets this week. Get your Black Ogrun Belchers and Blighted Trollkin Marauders today.

Adventure Awaits Once More In The Borderlands

Into the Unknown and Keep on the Borderlands might be two of the most renowned non-tpk-inducing D&D adventures out there. Revamped for 5th Edition, you can return once more to the Borderlands, or venture out to this part of D&D history for the first time thanks to Goodman Games’ reprint of the classic adventures.

40K Lore: The Inner Workings Of The Inquisition

Today Loremasters, a topic that fascinates subjects throughout the Imperium. Let us step into the action and adventure-packed world of the Inquisition by examining the meticulous details of inter-order factional schisms.

New Skullbots from MaxMini are Here to Serve You

  Need an extra eye on the battlefield, a bodyguard to watch your back or something to make you tea just the way you like it? These Skullbots are here to serve.

GW: New Pre-Orders Deepkin Wave 2 “Pricing & Links”

The next wave of the Idoneth Deepkin are making a splash – Pre-orders for wave 2 are live now. Come see what heading your way!

Tabletop Gallery “Best of the Best”

“When the Imperium needs to make a point – they send in The ‘A’ Team. The Adeptus Team!”

FFG New Releases: Sanctum of Twilight & Promise of Power

Mansions of Madness gets a brand new expansion and the final Force Pack for Star Wars: The Card Game is out now. It’s the end of an era and the launch of a new adventure!

Geekery: Watch LoreCraft turn Lumps of Clay Into Marvel’s Groot

  The amazing self-taught sculptor from England brings the Flora Colossus to life in this time-lapse video.

What's New