40K – FANTASY RUMORS: 2009-2010 Schedule

Hi guys,

Its almost August and that means its about time for the rumormill to start cranking out the projected schedule for the next 4-6 months. Here is what we’ve been hearing as well as what’s been kicking around elsewhere around the net.

Late 2009
No big surprizes here. Wolves are officially confirmed by GW as of now, and the Skaven train has appaently left the station. Look for both of these before the holidays.

-Space Wolves

Early-mid 2010
Chatter has been growing regarding nids from several sources, and their general sci-fi popularity tends to see them updated somewhat regularly compared to the more specialized xenos codices. Blood Angels seems odd, but its is a recurring theme, and perhaps the design studio is unhappy with the results of the White Dwarf codex? Perhaps a percieved coat-tails tie-in with Space Hulk?

-Blood Angels

The Usual Suspects
Word of these guys keeps being bantered about in the seemingly eternal locked-in-amber “they are in progress, but don’t look for a release right away” mode. It’s especially tearful to continue to hear this type of chatter for the Dark Eldar who have been waiting for soooooo long.

-Beast of Chaos
-Dark Eldar

~Remember standard caveats on these rumors, but as with anything else, the trustwortyness is highest for the recent stuff and gets more uncertain as we move out in time. Jump in guys!

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