NEWS: Gamesday Chicago-2009 LIVEfeed

Hi guys,

Today is Gamesday Chicago, and the rumormill has been pulsating regarding something that GW has been planning to unveil for the masses. Never fear folks for Alex, Kevin, and Rick from Terranforge are on the job, reporting live to BoLS from the event floor all day.

We will be updating this post reguarly with their pics, news and updates. Check back regularly!

10:00am…And he’s in!

11:00am…Our first catch of the day! Forgeworld Chaos Reaver Datasheet (probably from Siege of Vraks:3)

12:00pm…More Chaos Reaver (I can’t read German, can someone help me out), and a sketch of a Mechanicus Terminator! Interesting…

1:00pm…Jervis spoke:
-The Studio loves the idea of Chaos Legion specific codices. It will allow GW to build Legion specific models, but is still a while off.
-Necrons are further along that that, and Mike (???, unclear) has been dropping hints of what we may see in an upcoming Necron codex in various books.
-Global Studio Presentation starting soon…

1:30pm…We can expect superheavy kits to be bigger and better in the future. Trenches and rivers for the Realms of Battle board have been mentioned.
~Bigred here. Gee, can you think of any superheavies that might be bigger than the Baneblade…hmm?

2:00pm…The Other Shoe Drops:
-Chaos Dwarves WILL be updated!
-Imperial Guard will be a full plastic range in time. This WILL include various IG Regiments.
-In an embrace of tech-marketing, GW will hire an tech guy to help produce regular podcasts, similar to the ones which came out with the launch of 40k 5th Edition.

-If anyone else is there in person, drop info into the comments, or email us.

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