40K RUMORS: 2011 Schedule

So it looks an interesting next 12 months for us Warhammer 40k fans.  There has been an awful lot of chatter over the last month or so and here is what 2011 sounds like its shaping up like to based on the rumormill:

Q4-10 Dark Eldar (Officially announced)
Q1-11 Grey Knights (possibly early Q1)
Q2-Q3-11 Necrons
Q3-Q4-11 Tau Empire
Honorable mention with intermittant chirps: Craftworld Eldar

General chatter points to the Necrons finally getting some forward movement, and the Tau being a relatively easy and clean update to an already mostly plastic range.

That would be quite the set of xenos there and if it panned out, exactly what I think the game could use right now.  Dark Eldar, Necrons, and Tau would respectively fit into the slots of the game’s most mobile, tough, and shooty armies and really open up a metagame that has seems a bit power-armored focused of late.  Its all yours folks…

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