40K RUMORS: Tau?

So you want rumors out of left field? Here’s whats making rounds around the tubes today regarding an updated Tau codex! Juicy stuff after the jump.

via Warseer’s: Dante76

Pencilled in release date of Aug 2011

-New Alien allies
-All metal sets to plastic (Pathfinder box, Kroot with hounds and Shaper , Vespids)
-Box of Krootox and possible larger
-Possible new tank
-Changes to Hammerhead Railgun rules. Essentially draws a line across table hitting everything in line. Multiple pen through vehicles, only stopped by a glancing hit.
-Changes to markerlights. Point system. 1 Markerlight point = + 1BS, 2 Markerlight points = reroll to wound/hit 3 = Difficult Terrain test (blinded by the lights?). Cannot be stacked. So cant have reroll to wound and reroll to hit at 4 points. ( I need him to explain this a bit more…)
-Battle Suits. A plug and play system. Essentially streamlined. Pick two guns and a skill or two skills a gun. New models might have interchangeable arms similar to Killa Kans….
-Pathfinders no longer have to take Devilfish (probably infiltration)
-No human auxilary in list… (whatever Tau call captured guard who fight for them)

~These rumors are about a year out, so big grains of salt, but occasionally some of these things have panned out before.  With stuff like this, its about the sweeping design concepts more than the little details which invariably change.  For me the concept of passthrough penetrations affecting multiple vehicles seems very new and exciting as a design concept.  One that has a very “Tau” feel to it.  Have at it.

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