40K: Leaked Necron Vehicle Picture (Pic)

Looks like the Necrons may indeed be out and about in just a few weeks.  Enjoy!

Leaked Necron Pictures
thanks eldargal

Hmm, very untraditional looking vehicle, fitting with the Necron “uber tech” design aesthetic. 

Skeletal theme – check
No obvious propulsion – check
Floaty – check
Glowy green bits – check

Also shown is the new (apparently combo kit)
-Necron Doomsday Ark / Necron Ghost Arc
-Necron Deathmarks (the hinted at snipers from earlier rumors)
-Necron Lords (4 in total, 2 of them are named characters)
– Necron Immortals

Apparently out for full release on November 5th, so that would fit with a formal unveiling the week running up to Halloween.

~What’s your take? Enjoy folks!

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