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February 21, 2012

40k NEWS: March Releases - Tyranids - Wolves Rejoice!!!

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Well, well, well look what's headed into your greedy little hands in a couple of weeks.  Space Wolves and Tyranid players will be jumping for joy.  Details within:

Thunderwolf Cavalry3 MinisMar 03$54.50Plastic
Fenrisian Wolf Pack5 MinisMar 03$24.75Plastic
Hive Tyrant / Swarmlord1 MiniMar 03$53.75Plastic
Tervigon / Tyrannofex1 MiniMar 03$57.75Plastic
Arjac Rockfist1 MiniMar 03$24.75Finecast
Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf 1 MiniMar 03$41.25Finecast
Hunter with Wolf Standard1 MiniMar 03$24.75Finecast
Cyberwolf1 MiniMar 03$16.50Finecast
Boneswords Set3 x BS pairsMar 03$19.75Finecast
Bonesword / Lash Whip Set3 x BS & LW pairsMar 03$19.75Finecast
Ragnar Blackmane1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Ulrik the Slayer1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Njal Stormcaller1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Iron Priest1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Terminator Rune Priest1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Rune Priest1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Wolf Guard1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Wolf Guard with Wolf Claws1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Lukas the Trickster1 MiniMar 03$19.75Finecast
Bjorn the Fell-Handed1 MiniMar 03$49.50Finecast
Deathleaper1 MiniMar 03$24.75Finecast
Old One Eye1 MiniMar 03$41.25Finecast
Biovore1 MiniMar 03$41.25Finecast
Spore Mine Cluster9 MinisMar 03$24.75Finecast
The Red Terror1 MiniMar 03$41.25Finecast
Ripper Swarm Brood1 MiniMar 03$13.25Finecast

~Some of these miniatures have been long time coming.  I have to say that I'm most intrigued by those resin bonesword / lash whip kits.  That's an interesting little nugget isn't it.  Maybe Games Workshop is getting more serious about filling the popular gaps in their ranges after all...
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